Donnington Marriages 1813 to 1835

Date: 1813 Sep 17, Rector: Edward Freeman, Banns
Groom: Thomas, Summers, Ledbury, Bachelor
Bride: Sarah, Burton, Donnington, Spinster
Witnesses: John Summers(x), Hannah Furness

Date: 1815 Nov 16, Rector: Edward Freeman, License of 1815 Nov 15 from Hereford
Groom: Edward, Butt, Donnington, Bachelor
Bride: Susannah, Jones, Donnington, Spinster
Witnesses: John Pitt, Margaret Bill, Othes Cooke

Date: 1821 May 24, Rector: Bromsberrow register, License
Groom: Thomas, Tibbetts, Donnington, ?
Bride: Sarah, Birt, Donnington, ?
Witnesses: George Davis, Mary Davis

Date: 1824 Dec 23, Rector: P G Blencowe, Banns
Groom: Joseph, Rogers, Donnington, Bachelor
Bride: Mary, Hackett, Donnington, Spinster
Witnesses: Stephen Butcher(x), Elizabeth Butcher(x)

Date: 1825 Jul 12, Rector: P G Blencowe, License of 1825 Jul 2 from Hereford
Groom: John, Ward, Upton Worcs, Bachelor
Bride: Mary, Cooke, Ledbury, Spinster
Witnesses: Thomas Pope(x), Elizabeth Brown

Date: 1827 Nov 1, Rector: P G Blencowe, Banns
Groom: Richard, Boghe, Donnington, Bachelor
Bride: Hannah, Davis, Donnington, Spinster
Witnesses: William Willis, Mary Davis(x)

Date: 1828 Jul 17, Rector: P G Blencowe, License of 1828 Jul 5 from Canterbury
Groom: William, Borradaile, Wandsworth Surrey, Bachelor
Bride: Agnes Sarah Blizard, Shaw, Donnington, Spinster
Witnesses: Thomas Blizard, Susan Borradaile, Annie Webb, Mary B Watkins. William Borradaile is a clerk in Holy Orders

Date: 1828 Jul 20, Rector: P G Blencowe, Banns
Groom: Thomas, Williams, Donnington, Bachelor
Bride: Susannah, Jones, Much Marcle, Spinster
Witnesses: John Lowe(x), Anna Lowe(x)

Date: 1831 Apr 5, Rector: P G Blencowe, License
Groom: Joseph, Green, Ledbury, Bachelor
Bride: Ann, Verry, Donnington, Spinster
Witnesses: William Verry, James Salter

Date: 1834 Jan 23, Rector: William Biscoe, Banns
Groom: John, Morgan, Donnington, Bachelor
Bride: Mary, Grove, Donnington, Spinster
Witnesses: Ann Grove, John Grove(x)

Date: 1834 Feb 11, Rector: William Biscoe, License of 1834 Feb 7 from Hereford
Groom: Joseph, Hart, Eastnor, Bachelor
Bride: Harriet, Smith, Donnington, Spinster
Witnesses: John Smith, Mary Ann Smith

Date: 1835 Dec 3, Rector: William Biscoe, License
Groom: James, Baskerville, Donnington, Bachelor
Bride: Sarah Baggott, Morris, Bosbury, Spinster
Witnesses: William Butt, Mary Baskerville

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