Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Dec 8Abberley. Gilbert de Brunhame.William de St. Omer and Petronella his wife.  
1308 Jan 20Albodeleye (Abberley). Roger de Kertling, acol.Sir Robert de Thony.   
1353 Jun 8Abberley (Abbedeleye). William de Fallewe.Thomas de Bello Campo, earl of Warwick.Sir Geoffrey.Death.
1369 Jul 28Abberley (Abbedeleye). John Forde, chaplain.Thos. de bello campo, earl of Warwick.  
1405 Jun 2Abberley (Abboteslegh). William Overton, chaplain.Richard de Bello Campo, earl of Warwick.  
1409 Sep 25Abberley. John Cleve, vicar of Clifton.Richard de Bello Campo, earl of Warwick.William Overton.Exchange.
1412 Sep 11Abberley (Abbotesleye). John Hamond, rector of Bagington (Bakintone).Richard, earl of Warwick.John Cokkys.Exchange.
1447 Nov 7Abberley (Abbotley). Nicholas Colman, vicar of Longdon.Cecilia, duchess of Warwick.William Fernall, rector of Abberley (Abbotley).Exchange.
1454 Nov 10Abberley (Abbotley). John Maret, rector of Arley (Areley).Richard, earl of Warwick and Salisbury.Richard Richards, rector of Abberley (Abbotley).Exchange.
1460 Jun 14Abberley (Abbotley). Richard Richards, chapl.The king.Nich. Colman.Death.
1514 Dec 8Abberley (Abbotley). John Blamyer. [7]The king.Wm. Colyer.Death.
1554 Aug 29Abberley. William Higges.Thomas Tailer, pro hac vice.  
1560 Jun 12Abberley. James Edwardes.The bishop, hac vice, by lapse.  
1572 Jun 17Abberley. Thomas Hynkes.Rich. Mytton, arm.  
1624 Jun 25Abberley. Richard Norgrave.Richd. Mitton, arm.Thomas Hinckes. Death.
1626 Feb 21Abberley. Thomas Hastler.William Welshar.  
1691 Apr 8Abberley. John Goodwyn, M.A. William Walsh, arm, John Chapman. Death.
1695 Jul 31Abberley. John Goodwyn, M.A. Will. William Walsh.Last incumbent.Cession.
1700 Mar 26Abberley. Patrick Gordon, B.D.The bishop.  
1724 Aug 19Abberley. Dennis Paine.William Bromley, arm.Last incumbent.Cession.
1733 Feb 14Abberley. Thomas Severn, B.A.William Bromley, arm.Last incumbent.Cession.
1768 Sep 9Abberley. Thos. Severn, B.A.William Bromley, of St. Michael in Bedwardine, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1780 Feb 12Abberley. Francis Severne, B.A.Robt. Bromley, esq.Thomas Severne.Death.
1828 Mar 25Abberley. Francis Severne, B.C.L. Henry Bromley, esq.Francis Severne.Death.
1865 Jul 17Abberley. John Lewis Moilliet, B.A.James Moilliet, esq.Frandis Severne. Death.
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