Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1303 May 20Abbedale (Abenhall). William Gyrnunville, acol.Sir Robert de Taneye.  
1318 Jan 25Abenhall. John Honsom, priest.Reginald de Abenhall.  
1349 Apr 16Abenhall. John de Balderton.The king, as guardian of heir of Sir Ralph de Abenhale.John Honsom. Death.
1366 Dec 7Abinghall (Abenhall). John Bourghulle, chaplain.Lawrence Greyndour, lord of Abinghall.  
1391 Sep 15Abenhall. Richard Hansom.John Grayndor.  
1407 Aug 23Abenhall. John ap David, chaplain.Sir John Greyndor, knt.  
1442 Dec 10Abenhale. Jas. Verne, chapl. Instituted by Richard Roderham, vicar general, the bishop being absent "in remotis".Robert Greyndore.  
1445 Jun 17Abenhale. Thomas Fowler, rector of Aston Ingham. James Verne, rector of Abenhale.Exchange.
1455 Jan 18Abenhall. John Skynnere.John, earl of Worcester, lord of Abenhall.John Astone.Death.
1472 Apr 22Abenhall. Walter Griffith.Sir John Barre, jure uxoris. "Sue racione dotis tercia vice patroni".John Skynnere.Resignation.
1478 Nov 19Abenhall. Thomas Moore, chapl.Thomas Beynham, arm., lord of Abenhall, and Alice, his wife.William Jonnys.Resignation.
1485 Nov 4Abenhall. John Strange.Thomas Beynham.Thomas More.Resignation.
1487 May 1Abynghall. William ap Jonys.Thomas Baynham, armiger. [2]Walter Griffith.Death.
1492 Nov 24Abenhall (Habunhalt). Thomas Pule.Thos. Beynham and Alice, his wife.John Sandon.Resignation.
1529 Oct 6Abenhall. William Boge.George Beynham, armiger.John Wayden.Death.
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