Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1284 May 25Alberbury. Gregory de Eton, priest.(not mentioned).  
1302 Jan 14Alberbury. Robert de Clapton, priest.(not mentioned).  
1341 Oct 10Alberbury. Thomas Wolf.   
1349 Aug 8Alberbury.VThos. de Cherynton. Abbot and convent of the New Abbey.  
1349 Sep 17Alberbury.VRichd. de Burghton. Prior and brothers of Alberbury.  
1356 Jul 3Alberbury.VJohn de Rodene.The king on account of the war.  
1357 Aug 11Alberbury.VOwen ap Madoc duy of Melverleye, vicar of Guilsfield.The king (new abbey).John de Rodene, vicar.Exchange.
1362 Nov 29Alberbury.VThos de Manford.Prior and brothers of Alberbury.Sir Owen.Resignation.
1377 Feb 7Alburbury (Alberbury).VRichard Baschurche, rector of Bedwas (Bodewas). Thomas Munford, vicar of Alburbury.Exchange.
1380 Feb 1Alberbury.VJohn de Alberbury, chaplain.The king (Alberbury).  
1392 Jan 2Alberbury priory. John ColleThe Crown (alien priory), also as guardian of heir of Sir Falcon fitz Warren.  
1419 Aug 1Alberbury. John de la Hoy, chaplain.Joanna, queen of England, etc.Thomas Calvedone alias Done.Resignation.
1420 Mar 8Alberbury. Henry Torot, vicar of Kinnersley (Kenardley).The king.John Heys, vicar of Alberbury.Exchange.
1516 Jan 31Alberbury.VJohn Pole, alias ap Llewelyn, in dec. bac.The bishop, by lapse of six months.David ap Howell.Death.
1540 Mar 12 Alberbury. Thomas Alcocke.The bishop, by lapse.John Pole.Death.
1579 Sep 12Alberbury. William Jenynge.The queen.  
1580 Jul 19Alberbury. James Edwards.All Souls' College, Oxford.  
1616 Jul 3Alberbury.VThomas Swetman. All Saints' College, Oxford.  
1623 Dec 20Alberbury.VThomas Clarke.All Souls' College, Oxford.  
1678 Jan 4Alberbury.VThomas Hotchkis, B.A.All Souls' College, Oxford.Edward Wall. Death.
1714 Jun 19Alberbury.VThomas Griffiths, M.A.All Souls College, Oxford. Thomas Hotchkis.Death.
1747 Nov 9Alberbury.VBryan Faussett, M.AAll Souls' College, Oxford.Thomas Griffith.Death.
1765 Sep 20Alberbury. Charles Grainger, M.A.All Souls' College, Oxford.Bryan Fausett.Cession.
1778 Jun 21Alberbury.VWilliam Thornes, B.A.All Souls' College, Oxford.Charles Grainger. Death.
1829 Jan 1Alberbury.VRichard Webster Huntley, M.A.All Souls College, Oxford. William Thornes.Death.
1857 Dec 29Alberbury.VGeorge Fitzclarence Slade, M.A.All Souls' College, Oxford.Richard Webster Huntley.Death.
1866 Jul 6Alberbury.VJosiah Mitchell, M.A.All Souls' College, Oxford.Geo. Fitz-Clarence Slade.Cession.
1886 Aug 31Alberbury.VWalter Lomer Barnes, M.A.All Souls, Oxford.Josiah Mitchell.Cession.
1894 Apr 3Alberbury.VJohn Philip Dalton. All Souls College, Oxford.Walter Lomer Barnes.Cession.
1900 Oct 22Alberbury.VWilliam Klein.All Souls College. Oxford.John Philip DaltonResignation.
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