Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1873 Oct 23Alveley.VClement William Mackey, M.A.Louisa Wakeman, widow, and James Allen Wiggett, esq. Robert Angus Wellesley Considine.Resignation.
1883 Oct 18Alveley.VHenry Mostyn Wickham.Edw. Maltby Wakeman, esq.Clement William Mackey.Death.
1894 Jun 9Alveley.VWilliam Llewellyn Lewis.Edw. Maltby Wakeman, esq.Henry Martin Wickham.Resignation.
1898 Apr 2Alveley.VJohn Francis Gatliff, M.A.Edwd. Maltby Wakeman. esq.William Llewellyn Lewis.Resignation.
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