Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1307 Feb 13Aston. John de Bitterley, priest.The bishop.  
1309 Feb 22Aston. John le Rous, subd.Roger de Burley.  
1312 Oct 9Aston. John de Stanley, priest.Roger de Burley.  
1349 Jul 27Aston in Wigmoresland. William de Leyntwardwyn.John de Burleye.  
1350 Jan 27Aston. John de Knyhteton.John de Burley.  
1396 Oct 20Aston. John Bokenhull, chapl.Lord of manor of Aston.  
1397 Mar 27Aston. William Fitz-John de Buyton.Thos. Oldcastell and others.John Bokenhull.Resignation.
1432 Apr 12Aston by Leintwardine. David Grene.Richard Wigmore.  
1435 Mar 20Aston in Wigmoreland. John ap David, chapl.Richard Wigmore.David Grene.Resignation.
1481 Feb 6Aston in Wigmoresland. William Flynsham.Rowland Wigmore, arm., Wm. Eytche, Hugh Gogyn, clerk, Roger and Thomas Davyes.Wm. Huntygfeld.Death.
1531 Sep 15Aston, in Clun deanery. John Ball.John Wigmore, armiger.Thomas Harryes.Resignation.
1540 Apr 16 Aston-in-Clun. John Clerk.John Wigmore, of Lucton, gen.John Ball.Resignation.
1557 Apr 5Aston. Rowland Harley.Eleanor Wigmore, widow.  
1672 Nov 12Aston-in-Clun. Ezerell Tong, D.D.Ed. Littleton, gen.   
1677 May 12Aston. William Watkins.Jane Littleton, widow.Richard Lucas.Death.
1701 Jan 2Aston. Timothy Kettelby.Sir Thomas Littleton, bart.William Watkins. Death.
1715 Nov 9Aston-in-Clun. Thomas Price.Edward Clavel and Thom. Bromfield, generosi.Timothy Kettleby. Death.
1744 Jul 14Aston. Griffith Orlton.Mary Davies, widow. Last incumbent.Death.
1746 Aug 8Aston. John Evans.The bishop, by lapse.Last incumbent.Death.
1751 Sep 22Aston. James Beynon.Mary Davies, widow. John Evans. Death.
1774 Jul 26Aston. Herbert Wilde, B.A. Somerset Davies, of Wigmore, esq.James Beynon. Death.
1785 Feb 15Aston-in-Clun. Thomas Wellings, M.A.Somerset Davies, of Ludlow, esq.Herbert Wilde.Death.
1787 Jun 30Aston-in-Clun. Thos. Hodges, B.A. Somerset Davies, esq.Thomas Wellings.Resignation.
1828 Apr 9Aston. Thomas Pryce.Thomas Andrew Knight, esq.Thomas Hodges.Death.
1842 Jun 7Aston. William Williams, B.A.Sir William Edward Rouse Boughton, bart.Thomas Pryce. Death.
1872 Jan 4Aston. George Hollis Clay, M.A.Andrew Johnes Rouse Boughton Knight, esq.William Williams. Death.
1887 Nov 13Aston. Alfred Bannister, M.A.Andrew Johnes Rouse Boughton Knight, esq.George Hollis Clay. Death.
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