Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1276 Jun 21Aylton. Adam de Wistanstow.Raymund de Haumon.  
1351 Jan 4Aylton (Ailyneton) chapel with cure. Robert Maryot.Robert Broy.  
1352 Nov 25Aylton (Ailyneton). Walter le Broy.Robert le Broy.Robert Margot.Resignation.
1368 Jul 31Aylton chapel (Aylistone). William Calewe, chaplain.Nich. Hethe, and John Lutleye, portioners of Ledbury, on nom. of Robert Broy.  
1377 Sep 24Aylton chapel (Aylistone). William Oldeford. Robert Broy.Sir John Berkebury.Resignation.
1388 May 22Aylton (Aylistone). Thos. Chesterton, r. of Sollershope.Robert Broy. Exchange.
1391 Feb 16Aylton chapel. Thomas Hyus.Christiana Broy.Thos. Couley.Vacated.
1396 Nov 25Aylton. John Hankine.Christina Broy.  
1411 Feb 1Aylton. John Ray, chaplain.John Warde, of Aylton.  
1412 Jul 15Aylton. Thomas Lylling, chaplain.John Warde.John Ray.Resignation.
1414 Sep 8Aylton. John Roppesley, chaplain.Philip Warde.Thomas Lyllinge.Resignation.
1425 May 10Aylton. John Waller, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1428 Apr 30Aylton. John Preston, chapl.Richard Walewyn.  
1475 Sep 8Aylton. Hugh Serle, chapl. [8]The bishop, by lapse.  
1536 Aug 22Aylton. John Sparrye.Richd Warmecombe, armiger.Richd. Bluett.Death.
1549 Jun 17Aylton. Thomas Yatton.James Warmecombe, gen.John Sparrye.Death.
1563 Dec 1Aylton. Ed. CowperJames Warmecombe.  
1566 May 27Aylton. John Pewtres.James Warmecombe.  
1619 Feb 5Aylton, de la Bath. Richard Broughton. Robert Harley, miles   
1663 Oct 22Aylton. Thomas Broad, BalneiEd. Harley, miles.  
1709 Oct 12Aylton. Henry Smith, B.A.Robert Harley, arm, Thomas Broade.Death.
1745 Feb 15Aylton. Henry Smyth, jun., M.A.Edward, earl of Oxford.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1779 Aug 17Aylton. William Whalley, M.A.Edward, earl of Oxford. Henry Smith.Death.
1787 Sep 21Aylton. Francis Coke, B.A.Edward, earl of Oxford.William W Whalley.Resignation.
1821 Nov 6Aylton. George Coke, B.A.The earl of Oxford.Francis Coke. Resignation.
1844 Oct 16Aylton. Jas. Hen. Napleton, B.A.Edward, earl of Oxford.George Coke.Cession.
1869 Feb 27Aylton. Will. John Morrish, M.A.Lady Langdale, of Eywood, widow.James Henry Mapleton.Death.
1881 Jan 13Aylton. Philip Whitefoord, M.A.Robt. Will. Daker Harley, esq.William John Morrish.Death.
1890 Apr 1Aylton. Arthur Hen. Knapp, M.A.Robson Will. Daker Harley, esq.Philip Whitefoord.Cession.
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