Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1303 Jul 29Bedstone. Nicholas de Linkfield, acol.Thomas de Say.  
1313 Jul 12Bedstone. Gilbert de Foringate, priest.The bishop.  
1349 Aug 2Bedstone. Wm. de Palyngham.Johanna, relict of Thos. de Jaye.  
1377 Oct 3Bedstone (Bidestone). Walter Bidestone. Robert de Lodelowe and Eliz., his widow.  
1412 Jul 12Bedstone. John Gam, chaplain.Thomas Jay.Walter Bedestone.Death.
1421 Apr 28Bedstone. John Fremon, chaplain.Richard Ewyas, chaplain.  
1422 Sep 1Bedstone. David ap Philip, chaplain. [1]   
1464 Mar 30Bedstone. Maurice Duer, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1465 Aug 3Bedstone. Thos. ap Meredith.John Woode, armiger, and Elizabeth, his wife.Maurice Duer.Resignation.
1512 Jun 8Bedstone. Thos. Chelmynke.Rowland Genkyns and David Ireland, generosi.John Bluckke.Death.
1549 Mar 18Bedstone. William Tudor.Thom. Jenyns, arm., and Cath. Dudley, widow. Cov. And Lich, dioc.Thomas Chelmyrke.Death.
1668 Aug 24Bedstone. Maurice Collinges. The archbishop of Canterbury, by lapse.? Lloyd Death.
1690 Apr 29Bedstone. John Farmer.Thom. Ireland, arm.Maurice Collins. Death.
1707 Sep 32Bedstone. William Sneade, M.A.Thomas Irelande, arm.John Farmer.Cession.
1764 Sep 25Bedstone. John Hawkins, jun., M.A.Samuel Sneade, rector of Sneade.William Sneade.Death.
1772 Jun 11Bedstone. Samuel Sneade, LL.B.Samuel Snead, of Shrewsbury, clerk.John Hawkins.Resignation.
1809 Oct 27Bedstone. John Rogers, B.A.Charles Rogers, of Ludlow, esq.Samuel Snead.Cession.
1841 Mar 11Bedstone. Jas. Richd. Browne, M.A.Benj. Browne, of Clapham Common, Co. Surrey, esq.John Rogers. Death.
1878 Jun 1Bedstone. Joseph Hen. Brown, B.A.Hen. Ward Kilburn, of 28, St. Mary Axe, and Edwd. Rogers, of 56, Friday Street, gent.James Richard Brown. Cession.
1899 Nov 1Bedstone. Matthew Rich. Septimus Onslow, M.A.Mary Emma Brown.Joseph Brown.Death.
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