Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1767 Jul 28Bettws.CThomas Piazza.Robert, lord Clive, and his trustees and attornies. John Jones. Death.
1784 Jun 19Bettws and Llanfair Waterdine.CEdward Wollaston, M.A.Edward, lord Clive.Thomas Piazza. Death.
1833 Jun 18Bettws.CJohn Rob. Nathaniel Kinchant. Edward, earl of Powis.Edward Wollaston.Cession.
1871 Aug 22Bettws-y-Cruen.VChas. Hen. Bowman, B.A.Edward James, earl of Powis.John Robt. Nathaniel Kinchant.Resignation.
1885 May 29Bettws-y-Cruen.VWill. Morris Roberts, B.A.Edward James, earl of Powis.Charles Henry Bowman.Cession.
1891 Oct 14Bettws-y-Cruen.VHugh Esau Williams.George Charles, earl of Powis.William Morris Roberts.Resignation.
1899 Dec 22Bettws-y-Cruen.CHarold Edm. Mason, B.A.George Charles, earl of Powis.Hugh Esau Williams.Cession.
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