Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1784 Sep 27Bewdley.CEdward Baugh, jun., B.A.Edward Baugh, clerk.Thomas Howard.Death.
1814 Jan 28Bewdley.CJohn Cawood, M.A.William Jesse, rector of Ribbesford.Edward Baugh.Death.
1848 Sep 30Bewdley.CJas. Thos. Conolly Saunders.William Severne, as rector of Rock.Robert Onebye Walker.Resignation.
1853 May 27Bewdley.CJohn Fortescue, M.A.Edward Winnington Ingram, as rector of Ribbesford. John Cawood. Death.
1879 Jun 14Bewdley.VWill. Owen Parker Ford, B.A.Edward Henry Winnington Ingram, as rector of Ribbesford.John Fortescue. Death.
1887 Jul 1Bewdley.VPhilip Alfred Pughe, M.A.Edward Henry Winnington Ingram, as rector of Ribbesford.William Owen Parker Ford.Resignation.
1892 Nov 4Bewdley.CEdw. Hen. Winnington Ingram, M.A.Himself. as rector of Ribbesford.Philip Alfred Pughe.Death.
1894 Jan 27Bewdley.CHarold Brierley, M.A.Himself, as rector of Ribbesford.Edward Hen. Winnington Ingram.Cession.
1898 Dec 7Bewdley.CRowland Tracy Ashe Money Kyrle, M.AHimself. as rector of Ribbesford.Harold Brierley.Cession.
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