Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1857 Apr 23Bobbington.CEdward Bradley, B.A.Thos. Charlton Whitmore, of Apley Park, esq.George Hilder Betterton Gabert.Resignation.
1859 Nov 17Bobbington.CHen. Lloyd Oswell, M.A.Thos. Charlton Whitmore, of Apley Park, esq.Edward Bradley.Cession.
1862 Apr 23Bobbington.CHenry Wall Tibbs, M.A.Thos. Charlton Whitmore, of Apley Park, esq.Henry Lloyd Oswell. Resignation.
1871 Jul 4Bobbington.VEdw. Brown Charlton, M.A.Will. Hen. Moseley, esq.Henry Wall Pereira.Resignation.
1873 Feb 8Bobbington.VCharles Frederick Milner.Will. Hen. Moseley, of Leaton Hall.Edward Brown Charlton. Resignation.
1874 Apr 25Bobbington.VThomas Owen.Will. Hen. Moseley, esq.Charles Fredk. Milner.Cession.
1878 Sep 24Bobbington.VThos. Middlebrook Horsfall, M.A.Will. Hen. Moseley, esq.Thomas Owen.Cession.
1880 Aug 13Bobbington.CChas. Will. Heald, M.A.Will. Hen. Moseley, esq.Thomas Middlebrook Horsfall.Cession.
1884 May 14Bobbington.CReginald Whitfield Curteis, B.A. Will. Hen. Moseley, esq.Charles Heald.Resignation.
1886 Mar 9Bobbington.CFrederick Barham Nunneley.Will. Hen. Moseley, esq.Reginald Whitfield Curteis.Resignation.
1888 Jun 8Bobbington.CRobert Holberton Bindon.Will. Hen. Moseley, esq.Fred. Barham Nunneley,Resignation.
1890 Oct 3Bobbington.CThos Will, Wasdale Watson.Will. Hen. Moseley, esq.Robt. Holberton Bindon.Resignation.
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