Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Oct 29Bodenham.VRichard de Tardebigge.Prior and convent of Brecon.  
1291 Jul 11Bodenham. Hugh de Kent, deacon.Abbot and convent of Brecon.  
1309 Feb 22Bodenham. Philip Haward, deacon.Abbot and convent of Brecon.  
1335 Mar 28Bodenham.VRichard of Bradfield.Abbot and convent of Brecon.  
1336 Mar 28Bodenham. Richard Bradfield, deacon.Abbot and convent of Brecon.  
1349 Aug 16Bodenham.VWilliam Podyng.Abbot and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.  
1354 Mar 18Bodenham.VJohn Florens, vicar of Hay.Abbot and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.William Puddyng, vicar.Exchange.
1391 Apr 1Bodenham.VJohn Wardeyn.Prior and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.  
1394 Aug 20Bodenham.VThomas Duynere, vicar of Bridge Sollers, Hereford dioc.Prior and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.Robert Water, vicar of Bodenham.Exchange.
1412 Jan 26Bodenham.VLewis ap Howell.Prior and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.Thomas Dyvour.Death.
1413 Sep 6Bodenham.VWilliam Hynstone, rector of Sarnesfield.Prior and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.Lewis ap Howell.Exchange.
1415 Aug 1Bodenham.VThomas Kennere, vicar of Bromfield.Prior and convent of Brecon.William Kynston.Exchange.
1415 Sep 27Bodenham.VWilliam Pyrbyn, vicar of Chebsey.Prior and convent of Brecon.Thomas Kennere.Exchange.
1419 Aug 1Bodenham.VJohn Beynon, chap. Prior and convent of S. John's, Brecon.Thomas Kenner.Resignation.
1420 Dec 30Bodenham.VWilliam ap David,Prior and convent of Llanthony Prima.John ap Eynon.Resignation.
1422 Mar 16Bodenham.VWalter Wolton, chaplain.The bishop, by lapse.  
1465 Nov 19Bodenham. Walter Yong.Prior and conv. of Brecon. [4b]Walter Wottone.Death.
1526 Mar 26Bodenham.VRichard Morys.Prior and conv. of Brecon.David Morys. [1]Resignation.
1542 May 31Bodenham. Wil. Lloyd.The king.Rd. Morne.Death.
1556 Apr 28Bodenham.VJames Yevans.The queen.   
1616 Jan 24Bodenham.VSimon Saverie.Thomas Couingsbie, miles.  
1677 Jul 3Bodenham.VWilliam Caldicott, B.A.Ferdinand Georges and Thomas Coningsbey, arm. John Pember. Death.
1687 Apr 12Bodenham.VThomas Whittell.Ferdinand Gorges, armWilliam Caldicott.Death.
1710 Nov 17Bodenham.VLuke Hathway, M.A.Thomas, lord Coningsby.Thomas Whittell.Death.
1729 Oct 2Bodenham.VGeorge Coningsby, M.A.Margaret, countess of Coningsby.Luke Hathway.Death.
1756 Nov 4Bodenham.VMorgan Price, M.A. The bishop.George Coningsby.Resignation.
1758 Jun 20Bodenham.VJosiah Smart, M.A.Margaret, countess of Coningsby.Morgan Price.Amotion.
1770 Feb 20Bodenham.VWilson Bewicke, M.A.Frances, lady Coningsby.Josiah Smart.Death.
1799 Mar 30Bodenham.VNich. Waite Robinson, M.A.George Capel Coningsby, earl of Essex.Wilson Bewicke, D.D.Death.
1842 Dec 16Bodenham.VHenry Arkwright, M.A.Richard Arkwright, esq.Nicholas Waite Robinson.Death.
1889 Jul 12Bodenham.VHerb. Court Sturges, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright, esq.Henry Arkwright.Death.
1900 Jun 11Bodenham.VHenry Douglas Noel Paterson, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright.Herbert Court Sturges. Death.
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