Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1290 Aug 18Bosbury. Stephen de la Felde, priest. The bishop.Thomas, the last vicar.Death.
1302 Mar 13Bosbury. William Toby, priest.The bishop.  
1321 Sep 26Bosbury. Thomas de Marisco, priest. [2]The bishop.William Toky.Resignation.
1325 Apr 20Bosbury. Henry Boter, priest.The bishop.  
1349 Jun 6Bosbury. John de Herwynton.The bishop.Sir Henry, the last vicar.Death.
1349 Jul 21Bosbury. Richard de Brugge.The bishop.John de Herwynton.Death.
1349 Sep 24Bosbury. Philip le Smyt.The bishop.  
1362 Jul 8Bosbury.VWilliam Martyn. Philip Smithes.Exchange.
1363 Aug 19Bosbury.VWm. de Bekkeford.The bishop.Wm. Martyn de Bedwardyn.Exchange.
1364 Jul 19Bosbury.VHugh de Kemeseye. William de Bekeford.Exchange.
1383 May 27Bosbury.VRichard de Maddeley, vicar of Powick. Hugh de Kemesey, vicar of Bosbury.Exchange.
1386 Mar 28Bosbury.VHenry Haddeley, vicar of Forebridge. Richard Taillour, vicar of Bosbury.Exchange.
1393 Apr 14Bosbury.VRichard Wolmare.The bishop.  
1420 Jul 1Bosbury.VJohn Combre, chaplain.The bishop.David Rose.Resignation.
1428 Mar 7Bosbury. Thomas Petyt, chapl.The bishop.John Combere.Death.
1439 Jul 1Bosbury.VRichard Oldebury.The bishop.John Smyth.Resignation.
1454 Aug 2Bosbury. William Odinglay, rector of S. Nicholas, Worcester. Lewis Banne, vicar of Bosbury.Exchange.
1458 Nov 4Bosbury.VLewis Banne, rect. of Winforton.The bishop.Richard Oldbury.Resignation.
1471 Jul 27Bosbury.VWilliam Harper.The bishop.Wm. Edingley.Deprivation.
1472 Mar 3Bosbury.VEdmund Fysshe.The bishop.William Harpere. [5]Resignation.
1482 Dec 20Bosbury.VMaster ReginaldThe bishop.Edm. Fisshe.Death.
1484 Jan 30Bosbury.V?, chapl.The bishop.Reginald Calle.Resignation on Jan. 9.
1508 Sep 26Bosbury.VRoger Walkar.The bishop.Rich. Townesend.Death.
1508 Feb 14Bosbury.VRichd. Townesend.The bishop.Thos. Fowler, ep. Lachorensis.Resignation.
1513 Jan 1Bosbury.VNicholas Smythe.The bishop.Roger Walker.Death.
1544 Oct 31Bosbury. John Ferrour. The bishop.Nicholas Smythe.Death.
1547 Jul 20Bosbury. Thomas Blockley.The bishop.John Farrour.Resignation.
1569 Jan 2Bosbury. John Williams.John Scudamore, of Hornlacy, senior, and Jas. Warmecombe, arm.  
1691 Feb 10Bosbury.VJoshua Elmehurst, M.A.The bishop.William Coke.Death.
1709 Nov 24Bosbury.VRichard Langford, M.A.The bishop.Joshua Elmhurst.Death.
1710 Apr 8Bosbury.VHumphrey Wynne, M.A.The bishop.Richard Langford. Cession.
1724 Dec 22Bosbury.VJohn Jones, B.A.The bishop.Humph. Wynne.Death.
1748 Aug 13Bosbury.VMatthew Browns,The bishop.John Jones, B.A. Death.
1764 Feb 16Bosbury.VWilliam Skinner, M.A.The bishop.Matthew Browne.Death.
1766 Jul 25Bosbury.VJohn Barroll, M.A.The bishop.William Skinner. Cession.
1767 Oct 10Bosbury.VDaniel Price, M.A.The bishop.John Barroll. Cession.
1776 Jun 17Bosbury.VWilliam Reece.The bishop.Daniel Price. Cession.
1777 Aug 9Bosbury.VWilliam Allen, D.D.The bishop.William Reece.Cession.
1794 Jun 3Bosbury.VThomas Fairclough Ottley.The bishop.Williams. Allen, D.D.Cession.
1801 Feb 24Bosbury.VJohn Lodge.The bishop.Thos. Fairclough Ottley. Resignation.
1856 Oct 2Bosbury.VBerkeley Lionel Scudamore Stanhope, M.A.The bishop.John Hanmer Underwood.Death.
1866 Sep 21Bosbury.VJohn Edmund Cheese.The bishop.Berkeley Lionel Scudamore Stanhope. Cession.
1879 May 16Bosbury.VSamuel Bentley, M.A.The bishop.John Edmund Cheese.Death.
1897 Aug 25Bosbury.VRobt. Burges Bayly. The bishop.Samuel Bentley.Cession.
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