Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1357 Sep 12Breynton. Stephen de Castro, rector of Much Birch.  John le Northerne, vicar of Breynton.Exchange.
1797 Oct 13Breinton.CThomas Honiatt, B.A.The dean of Hereford.Francis Simpson.Cession.
1847 May 31Breinton.CWalter McGwire.John Merewether, D.D., dean of Hereford.Albert Jones. Cession.
1854 Feb 18Breinton.CEdward Renn Hampden, M.A.The bishop.Walter McGuire. Death.
1854 May 24Breinton.CEdmund du Buisson, M.A.The bishop.Edward Renn Hampden.Cession.
1875 Jul 20Breinton.VDouglas Seaton, M.A.The bishop.Edmund Du Buisson.Death.
1875 Sep 10Breinton.VJohn Joseph Lomax, M.A.The bishop.Douglas Seaton.Cession.
1888 Aug 23Breinton.VHenry North, M.A.The bishop.John Joseph Lomax.Death.
1897 Dec 23Breinton.VChas Herbert Binstead, M.A.The bishop.Henry. North.Death.
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