Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1306 Mar 10Brobury. Peter de Brokbury, priest.William de Brokbury.  
1325 Apr 19Brobury. Thomas de Bosbury, priest.(not mentioned).  
1366 Mar 25Brockbury. Robert de la Mare, subdeacon.Simon de Brocbury.  
1391 May 21Brobury. Richard Brou Bene, chapl.William Seymour.  
1421 Aug 8Brobury (Brogbyour).RPhilip Clad, chaplain.Sir John Baskervile.Richard Bone.Death.
1424 Nov 24Brobury. Thomas Warde, chapl. [1]John Seymour.Philip Glad.Death.
1436 Apr 13Brobyr. John Forgill, chapl.? Seymoure.Thomas Warde.Resignation.
1440 Dec 13Brobury. Griffin ap David, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1444 Mar 19Brobury. Lewis ap Jevan, chapl.Sir John Seymour.  
1482 Aug 14Brobury (Brokbury). Walter Hygins.The bishop.Lewis Jones.Resignation on May 21.
1511 May 7Brobury (Brogbery). John Marcle.John Seymour.John Donne. [2]Cession.
1524 Mar 6Brockbury. David ap Lewis.Sir John Seymour, knt.John Marshe.Resignation.
1528 May 1Brockbury. Richard Pytt. [7]John Seymour.David Lewes.Resignation.
1561 Apr 14Brobury. John Owgan.John Scudamore, of Horn Lacy, and Will. Devereux, of Myryhill, arm.  
1572 Nov 30Brobury.VRichard Browne.Jas. Warmecombe, and John Scudamore, of Homlacy, arm.  
1664 Oct 27Brobury, alias Broadbury. John Stilling.Thom. Bennett, arm.   
1681 Jul 1Brobury. John Stilling.John Scudamore, viscount Sligo.Legitime vacant.Legitime vacant.
1694 May 10Brobury. Benjamin Griffith, B.A.Sir John Scudamore, bart.John Stilling.Death.
1702 Jul 14Brobury. Francis Harris.William Harris.Benjamin Griffiths.Cession.
1709 Jun 20Brobury. Higgins Harris.William Harris.Francis Harris.Death.
1751 Aug 7Brobury. Samuel Prosser.Joseph Simpson, of the Inner Temple, esq., and Joseph Adey, of Lichfield, gent. [1]Higgins Harris. Cession.
1816 Jul 6Brobury and Bredwardine.RWill. Tylney Spurdens, M. A.Himself.James Beebee. Cession.
1829 May 28Brobury and Bredwardine.RNewton Dickenson Hand Newton.Himself.William Tylney Spurdens. Resignation.
1862 Oct 16Brobury and Bredwardine. Samuel Clarke, M.A. Sir John Bayley, bart., and Creasy Ewens, gent.William Newton. Death.
1871 Nov 14Brobury and Bredwardine. John Houseman, M.A.Sir John Bayley, bart., and Creasy Ewens, gent.Samuel Clark. Cession.
1879 Dec 6Brobury with Bredwardine. Hen. Trevor Williamson, B.A.Francis Bayley and Rev. Rich. Lister Venables.Robert Francis Kilvert. Death.
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