Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1280 Jun 16Bromsberrow. Walter Marsh.B. de Bosco.  
1287 Dec 2Bromsberrow. John de Anesty, subd.Richard de Bosco. [3]  
1289 Feb 18Bromsberrow. William de Grandweil.Sir Richard de Boes.  
1291 Mar 19Bromsberrow. William de Grundwell, subd.Richard de Portes.  
1294 Dec 21Bromsberrow. Roger de Criketot, in minor orders.(not mentioned).  
1297 Aug 3Bromsberrow. George de Criketot, acol.(not mentioned).  
1299 Mar 14Bromsberrow. George de Cricketot, deacon. (not mentioned).  
1336 Jun 1Bromsberrow. John de Garewy.Sir William de Whitfield.  
1349 Jul 2Bromsberrow. Thomas de Lavynton.Dame Constancia, relict of Sir William de Whytefeld.John Gorewy.Death.
1355 Jul 9Bromsberrow (Bremmesbergh). John le clerk of Rokeby, chaplain.Sir Stephen de Cosynton.Sir Thos. de Lavynton.Resignation.
1357 Aug 5Bromsberrow. Robert atte Grene.Sir Stephen de Cosynton.John de Rokby.Resignation.
1407 Apr 1Bromsberrow (Brymesberow). William Hooke, chaplain.Sir Hugh Waterton, knt.Peter Skenfryth.Resignation.
1411 May 12Bromsberrow. Geoffrey Brunne, rector of Redmarley Abitot.Katherine Bromwich, late wife of Sir Hugh Waterton.William Hook.Exchange.
1412 Aug 17Bromsberrow. John Berstone, chaplain.Dame Katherine Bromwich.Geoffrey Brounne.Death.
1419 Oct 3Bromsberrow. William Skinner, rector of Pendock.Dame Katharine Bromwich.John Berstone, rector of Bromsberrow.Exchange.
1447 Jan 23Bromsberrow. Richard Elkyns.Johanna Bromwyche.Wm. Skinner.Death.
1473 Jun 4Bromesberrow (Brymmesbergh). Richard Lyntone.John Bromwyche, arm., and Sir Wm. Bott, chapl.Richd. Elkyne.Death.
1488 Jul 25Bromsberrow (Brymmesbarow). Leonard Bromwyche, chapl. [6]The bishop.Richd. Lynton.Acceptance of another benefice.
1489 Oct 1Bromsberrow (Brymmesbarow). John Foxall.John Bromwich.Richard Lyntone.Resignation.
1521 Oct 17Bromsberrow. Guy Whityngton.Wm.Whityngton and his wife, Agnes, relict of of John Bromyche.John Jenyns.Death.
1540 Dec 6Bromsberrow. Rob. Jevyns.Wil. Whityngton, gen.Guy Whityngton.Resignation.
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