Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 Jan 26Bromyard.PRoger de Sevenake.The bishop. John de Brompton.Vacated.
1294 Jan 29Bromyard.PRichard de Swinfield.The bishop.  
1297 Oct 14Bromyard.PGilbert de Swinfield.The bishop.Poncius de Cors.Vacated.
1299 Aug 4Bromyard.PNicholas de Reigate.The bishop. Gilbert de Swinfield.Death.
1300 Jan 15Bromyard.PRichard de Dunre.The bishop.Roger de Sevenake.Death.
1301 May 27Bromyard.VRichard Baret.The prebendal portionists.  
1308 Apr 6Bromyard.PStephen de Taneto, priest. The bishop.Nicholas de Reigate.Death.
1310 Aug 3Bromyard.PThomas de la Felve.The bishop.Richard de Swinfield.Death.
1313 Nov 3Bromyard.PJohn de la Felde, subd.The bishop. Stephen de Taneto.Vacated.
1320 Oct 30Bromyard.VLuke de Ridel, priest. The portionists.   
1322 Feb 18Bromyard.PJohn de Trilleck, clerk. [5]The bishop.John de la Felde.Death.
1323 Jun 9Bromyard.PEly de Trilleck, clerk.The bishop.  
1350 Jul 4Bromyard.PThos. de Trillek, canon.The bishop.Roger de Dorking.Death.
1354 Jun 29Bromyard.PPeter de Worton, rector of Great Greenford. Wm. de Sanimaco, portioner.Exchange.
1357 May 24Bromyard.VRobert de Cowerne, chaplain.The portionists of Bromyard.Sir Luke.Death.
1365 Jan 18Bromyard. Roger de Otery. The bishop.  
1379 Feb 4Bromyard.PMaurice de Campedene, rector of the free chapel of Tothill. John de Campedene, canon.Exchange.
1387 Oct 20Bromyard.PJohn Godmestone, chaplain.The king. [5]Roger Otery. Death.
1390 Mar 8Bromyard.PRichard Thurban. The Crown (in vacancy of See).  
1394 Feb 13Bromyard.PJohn Whitmore, vicar of Wymburgh free chapel, Sarum dioc.The bishop.Thomas Montague, prebendary of Asteley in Bromyard.Exchange.
1399 Oct 22Bromyard.PRichard Talbot.The bishop.Rich. Thurban.Vacated.
1399 Nov 24Bromyard.PNicholas Godewin.The bishop.  
1399 Nov 29Bromyard.PNicholas Godewyn, free chapel in Marlborough castle, Sarum dioc. John Whitemere, prebendary of Astley Bromyard.Exchange.
1402 Mar 6Bromyard.PThomas Eude, prebendary of Tideryngton, Sarum dioc.The bishop.Nicholas Godewyn, prebendary of Astley in Bromyard.Exchange.
1404 Dec 13Bromyard. Master John Tyssebury, warden of Frisolk chapel, Winch. dioc.The bishop.Thomas atte Neende.Exchange.
1404 Feb 13Bromyard.VThomas Hay, rector of Hampton Bishop. Richard Baker.Exchange.
1408 Nov 3Bromyard.VJohn Pavy, rector of S. Martin, Worcester.Richard Talbot, John Tyssebury, and John Rede.Thomas Hay.Exchange.
1408 Feb 27Bromyard. Robert Thrysk.The bishop.Master Richd. Talbot.Resignation.
1410 Sep 20Bromyard. Master John Shutford, bachelor in law.The bishop.John Tyssebury.Resignation.
1412 Oct 26Bromyard. Richard Clifford, canon and prebendary in the royal chapel, Westminster, by his proctor William Kingham.The bishop.Thomas Thresk.Exchange.
1413 Jun 9Bromyard. John Hereford, chaplain.The bishop.Richard Clifford.Resignation.
1413 Jul 17Bromyard.VJohn Wykyngestone, vicar of Stoke Lacy.John Hereford, John Shirford, and John Reade.John Pacey.Exchange.
1414 Oct 10Bromyard.VJohn Webbe, vicar of Hawling (Hallyng).John Shirford, John Reed, and John Hereford.John Wykyngestone.Exchange.
1417 Oct 27Bromyard. Richd. Blythe, clerk of the king's chapel.The bishop.Master John Shirford.Death.
1420 Jun 20Bromyard.PWm. Toly, clerk. The bishop.John Hereford.Death.
1420 Sep 8Bromyard.P(No name given). The bishop.Richard Blythe.Death.
1420 Dec 30Bromyard.PAlayn Kyrtone.The Crown (see vacant).Richard Blith.Death.
1425 Dec 14Bromyard.VThomas Horsnet, chapl.John Webbe.  
1426 Sep 25Bromyard.PJohn Dudeley.The bishop.John Kede.Resignation.
1426 Oct 5Bromyard.PRichard Cove.The bishop.Robert Barneby.Resignation.
1429 Feb 16Bromyard.PJohn Langeton.The bishop.Richard Dane.Resignation.
1434 Apr 6Bromyard.PAlan Kriketot.The bishop.John Langton.Resignation.
1443 Aug 31Bromyard.PHumphrey Evertone.The bishop.Alan Kyrketone.Death.
1458 Nov 4Bromyard.VRichard Oldbury.The bishop (for this turn). [5]Thos. Horsnet.Death.
1466 Jan 19Bromyard.PWm. Chapman, chapl.The bishop.Humph. Everetone.Death.
1482 Oct 26Bromyard.VThomas Clerke, chapl. [3]John Hervy and Walter Catesby, 1st and 2nd portioners of Bromyard.William Bulle.Resignation on Oct. 16.
1482 Jan 30Bromyard.VWm. Bull, chapl.John Horby and Thos. Horewode, 1st and 2nd portioners, hac. vice.Richard Oldebury.Resignation on Jan. 26th. [4]
1489 Sep 24Bromyard. Thomas Myllyng, junior. [5]The bishop.John Hervey.Resignation.
1504 Oct 31Bromyard. John Smith, alias Oliver.The bishop.John Martin.Death.
1507 Nov 7Bromyard. Master William Webbe, archd. of Shropshire.The bishop.Walter Catesby.Death.
1508 Oct 2Bromyard. John Oliver, alias Smithe.The bishop.Wm. Webbe, archdeacon of Shropshire.Resignation.
1508 Oct 8Bromyard. Thomas Mayew.The bishop.John Smythe, alias Oliver.Resignation.
1524 Mar 8Bromyard. John Viall, in decr. bac.The bishop.Thomas Mayowe. Resignation.
1525 Mar 11Bromyard. William Marbull, in leg. bac.The bishop.John Vyall.Resignation.
1529 Nov 21Bromyard. Robert Parkehurst, art. mag.The bishop.William Marble. Resignation.
1530 Jun 27Bromyard.VRobert Bareli, art. mag.Thomas Mylling, John Oliver alias Smythe, & Robt. Parkehurst, port. of Bromyard.Roger Corveser.Death.
1541 Jan 5Bromyard.PJohn Browne, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Myllynge.Death.
1554 Apr 20Bromyard.PJohn Powell.The bishop.De jure. De jure vacant.
1556 Nov 18Bromyard.VJohn Birchar.John Smythe, John Powell, and Robt. Parkhurst, clerics.   
1563 Aug 17Bromyard.PRichard Griffyn.The bishop.   
1564 Jul 4Bromyard.VThomas Taylor.Robert ffylles and Ralph Gryffyn, prebendarii ibidem.  
1565 Aug 1Bromyard.PCharles NicholasThe bishop.   
1568 Jun 20Bromyard.PWilliam Penson.The bishop.   
1616 Jan 24Bromyard.PGabriel Walwine.The bishop.   
1664 Sep 8Bromyard.PThomas Birch.The king. [1]   
1665 Mar 29Bromyard.PWilliam Cooke.The king, by lapse.   
1667 Jul 26Bromyard.VPhineas Jackson.William Cooke (1st), Edmund Clarke, (2nd), and Thomas Birch (3rd) portionists of Bromyard.James Skinner.Resignation.
1678 Jul 18Bromyard.PJohn Stedman, B.A. The bishop.Edmund Skinner.Death.
1681 Nov 27Bromyard.VThomas Fox, M.A. William Coke and Francis Stedman, portionists of Bromyard.Phineas Jackson.Death.
1689 Sep 2Bromyard.PThom. Broade, M.A. The bishop.Francis Stedman.Death.
1691 Feb 14Bromyard.PThomas Cooke, M.A.The bishop.William Coke.Death.
1700 Aug 8Bromyard.PEdward Mason, M.A.The bishop.   
1700 Jan 31Bromyard.PAnthony Whistler, M.A.The bishop.   
1704 Dec 9Bromyard.PRichard Langford, M.A.The bishop.  
1709 Jun 6Bromyard.PFrancis Broade, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Broade.Resignation.
1722 Oct 27Bromyard.VJohn Fox, M.D.Richard Langford, and Edw. Mason, portionists.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1728 Sep 27Bromyard.VThomas Fox, M.A.Richard Langford, John Evans, and Edward Mason, portionists.John Fox. Death.
1728 Mar 1Bromyard.PJohn Evans, M.A.The bishop.Francis Broade.Death.
1729 Jun 28Bromyard.VRichard Chambers, M.A.The bishop, pro hac vice.Thomas Fox.Death.
1732 Mar 17Bromyard.VJohn Guest, M.A.The bishop, by lapse. Last incumbent.Death.
1733 Feb 15Bromyard.PJohn Griffiths, M.A. The bishop.Richard Langford. Death.
1739 Sep 11Bromyard.PSamuel Croxall, D. D.The bishop.Edward Mason.Death.
1745 Jun 14Bromyard.PRichard Chambers, M.A.The bishop.Last portionist.Death.
1749 Apr 6Bromyard.PJoseph Brown, D.D. The bishop.John Evans, M.A.Death.
1752 Feb 28Bromyard.PWilliam Dickin, B.A.The bishop.Samuel Croxall, D.D.Death.
1754 Apr 25Bromyard.PSir Peter Rivers, bart., clerk, M.A.The bishop.Joseph Browne, D.D.Resignation.
1766 Jul 25Bromyard.PHugh Price, M.A.The bishop.William Dickin.Death.
1767 Jun 11Bromyard.VDigby Cotes, M.A.Richard Chambers, Sir Peter Rivers, bart., and Hugh Price, clerks, portioners of Bromyard. Thomas Evans.Death.
1767 Sep 26Bromyard.PJohn Evans, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Price. Resignation.
1776 Jun 17Bromyard.PDaniel Price, M.A.The bishop.Richard Chambers.Death.
1783 Apr 11Bromyard.PGeorge Cope, B.A.The bishop.John Evans.Death.
1790 Sep 3Bromyard.PGabriel Tahourdin, M.A.The bishop.Sir Peter Rivers Gay, bart. Death.
1793 Apr 13Bromyard.VGeorge Cope, M.A.Daniel Price and Gabriel Tahourdin, clerks.Digby Coles. Death.
1794 Jun 3Bromyard.PRobert Strong, LL.B. The bishop.Daniel Price.Death.
1814 May 30Bromyard.PCharles Scott Luxmore, B.A.The bishop.Gabriel Tahourdin.Death.
1822 Jan 8Bromyard.PJohn Lilly, M.A.The bishop.George Cope, D.D.Death.
1822 Apr 11Bromyard.VCharles Scott Luxmore, M.A.The bishop, by lapse.George Cope, D.D. Death.
1825 Nov 26Bromyard.PWilliam Cooke, M.A.The bishop.John Lilly.Death.
1834 Jan 14Bromyard.VWilliam Cooke, M.A.Chas. Scott Luxmore, clerk.Charles Scott Luxmore.Resignation.
1855 Feb 14Bromyard.VJohn Palmer, M.A.Bishop of Worcester. William Cooke.Death.
1867 Dec 5Bromyard.VThos. Nash Stephenson, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.John Palmer.Death.
1877 Mar 27Bromyard.VWilliam Martin, M.A.Bishop of Worcester.Thomas Nash Stephenson.Death.
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