Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1276 Oct 6Burford. John Sheldesley. Geoffrey de Burford.Vacated.
1276 Mar 28Burford. William Mortimer.The bishop.  
1284 Sep 18Burford.PRobert de Lacy, priest.The bishop. [2]  
1301 Apr 19Burford.PRichard de Wynton, deacon.Sir Hugh Mortimer.  
1302 Aug 17Burford.PJohn de Cayrgrave, acol.Sir Hugh Mortimer.  
1315 Dec 23Burford.PAdam de Newhagh.Sir Geoffrey de Cornewall.John de Segrave.Vacated.
1316 Sep 14Burford.PWilliam de Ayremine.Thomas de Bicknor.A. de Osegodoh.Death.
1316 Oct 14Burford.PRobert de Seynesbury, priest.Sir Geoffrey de Cornewall.? Mortimer.Vacated.
1320 Aug 16Burford.PThomas de Weston, clerk.Geoffrey de Cornewall, knight.  
1321 Oct 16Burford.PRichard de Aldonestre, priest.Geoffrey de Cornewall, knight.  
1326 Sep 27Burford.PJohn de Hereford, acolyte. [6]The bishop, by lapse. Walter de Islip.Resignation.
1329 Oct 25Burford.PWalter le Rous.Johanna Talbot.John de Hereford.Resignation.
1333 Apr 17Burford.PJohn de Wotton.Johanna Talbot.  
1333 May 10Burford.PSimon de Braybrook, clerk.Geoffrey de Cornwall.  
1334 Jul 22Burford.PJohn de Lugwardine, rector of Farthingstone, Lincoln d. Simon de Braybrook, portionist of Burford.Exchange.
1341 Oct 22Burford.PThos. de Evesham.John Talbot.  
1349 Aug 19Burford.PJohn, son of John le Ferrour of Northampton, clerk.The king. [1]Geoffrey de Burford.Death.
1352 May 14Burford.PWilliam, rector of Lillingstone Dansey.The king, for Sir Richard Cornwall's heir.John de Northampton, portioner.Exchange.
1361 Jan 27Burford.PJohn de Roultone.Sir Geoffrey Cornwaille, knt.John de Lugwardyn. 
1364 Jul 17Burford.PJohn Smythes.Sir Geoffrey Cornwall.Roger de Astone.Exchange.
1367 Dec 25Burford.PRoger Suttone, clerk.The king, guardian of heir of Geoffrey Cornwalle.John Bedwardyn. 
1379 Jun 12Burford.PWilliam Preen, r. of Woolwich. [3] Thos. de Normantone.Exchange.
1383 May 26Burford.PWilliam Preen, chaplain. John Smith, archd. of Hereford.Vacated.
1386 May 1Burford.PRichard de la Feld, clerk.The king.Robert de la Mare.Death.
1387 Mar 24Burford.PJohn Rowley, clerk, of Lich. dioc.Sir Brian Cornwaille, knt.Wm. Preene.Resignation.
1388 May 28Burford.PNicholas Bakere, chaplain.Sir Brian de Cornwaille, knt., lord of Burford.John Rowele.Death.
1397 Jul 28Burford.PWilliam Lyngreyn, chapl.Sir Brian de Cornwayle.  
1401 Jun 7Burford.PJohn Rede.The bishop.John Boteller.Vacated.
1401 Sep 15Burford.PWilliam de Repyngdone.Sir Mathew de Gournay.  
1402 May 13Burford.PWilliam de Repyngdone.Eliz. Archdeacon.  
1402 May 26Burford.PWalter Braynton.Sir Mathew de Conrudy.  
1408 Jan 8Burford. Nicholas Boteler, rector of Cubberly (Coburley).Richard Cornewayle, lord of Burford, and Cecilia his wife.William Lyngeyn.Exchange.
1409 Jan 5Burford (Boreford). Peter Hulle, alias Wele.Richard Cornewayle, lord of Burford, and Cecilia, his wife.Nicholas Botyler.Resignation.
1412 Jun 21Burford. William Davy, vicar of Turkdean.Richard Cornewayle.Peter Hulle.Exchange.
1414 Jul 29Burford. John Swan. [3]Richd. Cornewayle.Richard Davy.Resignation.
1414 Nov 19Burford. Thomas Moghale, chaplain.Richd. Cornewayle, baron of Burford.John Swanne.Death.
1435 Nov 15Burford.PThos. Nata, chapl.The bishop.Wm. Repygtone.Death.
1442 Jan 12Burford. William Brewster, prebendary of Clasney, in the diocese of Exeter. Thomas Mata, portionist of Burford.Exchange.
1443 Apr 24Burford.PWalter Hope, chapl.William Stokes and others. [5]Richd. Palmer.Death.
1458 Sep 15Burford. Richard Grubbe, chapl.Thomas Cornewayle, armiger, lord of Burford.John Monford.Resignation.
1461 Feb 19Burford. Walter Smythe, chapl.Thomas Cornwayle, armiger.Thos. Mockhale.Death.
1466 Apr 8Burford. Philip Percyvale, chapl.Sir Walter Devereux, lord de Ferrers. [6]Master Wm. Brewster.Death.
1475 Aug 12Burford. Hugh Turnour.Edm. Cornwayle.Richd. Grubbe.Deprivation.
1476 Jan 23Burford. John Andrewe.Edmund Cornwayle.John Sydevyne.Resignation.
1481 Apr 24Burford. John Cutler.The bishop, by lapse.  
1490 May 16Burford. John Heyley.The bishop, by lapse.  
1527 Oct 9Burford. John Taylor.Sir Thos. Cornewaylle, knt.William Bradock. [3]Resignation.
1528 Jan 3Burford. John Gorle.Sir Thos. Cornewalle, baron of Burford.John Taylour.Exchange.
1537 Jul 31Burford. William Amyeas.Sir Thos. Cornwalle, knt. Richard Benson, sen., who is given a pension of 4 marks. [5]Resignation.
1540 May 7Burford. John Hyll, alias Taylor.John Walker, for Thomas Vance.Jn. Hughes.Death.
1567 Apr 5Burford. Thomas Lane.Thomas Cornwall. gen.  
1568 Dec 20Burford. Thomas Lane.Edmund Cornwall, arm.Last incumbent.Death.
1571 Jul 7Burford. John Smythe.Edward Cornwall, baron of Burford.  
1575 May 27Burford. Richard Deykins.Ed. Cornwall.   
1614 Nov 9Burford. John Cleburie.Thomas Cornewall, arm.  
1623 Dec 6Burford. James Rawlins.Thom. Cornwall, miles.   
1626 Mar 16Burford. James Herring.Thomas Cornwall, miles.  
1668 Feb 8Burford. John Phillipps.Gilbert Cornwall, miles and baron of Burford. Thomas Clent. Cession.
1679 Nov 25Burford. Edward Glover, M.A.Thomas Cornwall, baron of Burford.Thomas Bannister.Death.
1691 Apr 14Burford (with chapels of Nash, Whitton and Boraston). Ambrose Sparry, M.A.Thomas Cornwall, arm., and baron of Burford. William Bishop.Death.
1695 Jun 20Burford. James Bayley, M.A. Thomas Cornwall, armJohn Phillipps.Death.
1696 Sep 10Burford. James Bayley, M.A. Thomas Cornwall, arm.Edw. Glover.Death.
1697 Mar 9Burford. Charles Mansfield, M.A.Thomas Cornwall, arm.James Bayley.Resignation.
1711 Jun 6Burford. Edw. Northall, B.A. Francis Cornwall, arm.Ambrose Sparry.Death.
1725 Apr 27Burford. William Hale, M.A. William Bowles, esq.Edward Northall.Death.
1727 Mar 20Burford. William Read, M.A. William Bowles, arm.Last incumbent.Death.
1732 May 30Burford. Will. Wormington, M.A.William Bowles, arm.Charles Manfield.Death.
1754 Oct 28Burford. Jonathan Green.Humphrey Bowles, esq.William Read.Death.
1758 Jun 6Burford. William Hall, M.A. Humphrey Bowles, esq.William Hale.Cession.
1770 Aug 12Burford. James Bowles, LL.B. Humphrey Bowles, esq.William Hale.Death.
1770 Sep 29Burford. James Bowles, LL.B. Humphrey Bowles, esq.Jonathan Green.Resignation.
1770 Sep 29Burford. Jonathan Green, LL.B.Humphrey Bowles, esq.Thomas Littleton.Resignation.
1777 Nov 29Burford. Jonathan Green, LL.B.Humphrey Bowles, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1783 Nov 18Burford. James Ingram.Humphrey Bowles, of Wanstead, Co. Essex, esq.James Bowles. Death.
1783 Dec 17Burford. Jonathan Green, LL.D.Humphrey Bowles, of Wanstead, Co. Essex, esq.James Bowles.Death.
1792 Oct 17Burford. St. George Bowles, B.A.George Bowles, of Wanstead,co. Essex, esq.Jonathan Green.Death.
1792 Nov 8Burford. Edwd. Green, M.A. George Bowles, of Wanstead,co. Essex, esq.Jonathan Green.Death.
1796 May 11Burford. Saint Geo. Bowles, B.A.George Bowles.Jonathan Green.Death.
1799 Jan 3Burford. Hon. Geo. Rushout, M.A.George Bowles.Saint George Bowles.Resignation.
1799 Jan 31Burford. Hon. Geo. Rushout, M.A.George Bowles.James Ingram.Resignation.
1813 Nov 31Burford. Edwd. Green, M.A. George Bowies, of Wantead Grove, Co. Essex, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1834 Feb 5Burford. Alex. Stewart, M.A. Geo. Rushout Bowles, clerk.George Rushout Bowles.Resignation.
1838 Mar 9Burford. Herb. McLaughlin, M.A.George Rushout Bowles, clerk.Alex. Stuart.Death.
1842 Jul 29Burford. Hon. George Damer Parnell.Hon. Geo. Rushout Bowles, clerk.Edward Green.Death.
1843 Jan 25Burford. James Wayland Joyce, M.A.Geo. Rushout Bowles, captain, 1st Life Guards, esq.George Rushout Bowles. Death.
1843 Apr 11Burford. Caleb Whitefoord, M.A.George Rushout.Hon. Geo. Damer Parnell.Resignation.
1883 Apr 28Burford. Frederick Wayland Joyce, B.A.George Rupert, lord Northwick.Hubert McLaughlin.Death.
1888 Feb 10Burford. Edw. Crofton Leigh McLaughlin, M.A.Executors of the will of George, lord Northwick.James Wayland Joyce. Death.
1890 Feb 17Burford. Philip Whitefoord, M.A.Hon. Georgina Rushout. spinster.Caleb Whitefoord.Death.
1897 Dec 22Burford. Henry Montgomery Rooke, M.A.Elizabeth Augusta. lady Nortbwick, widow.Frederick, Wayland Joyce. Cession.
1899 Aug 9Burford. Alex. Lyon Arthur Mason, M.A.Elizabeth Augusta, lady Northwick.Philip Whitefoord.Resignation.
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