Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1296 Aug 25Byford. Nicholas de Reigate.(not mentioned).  
1299 Feb 21Byford. Nicholas de Reigate, deacon. Prior of S. John Ev., Brecon.  
1304 Mar 26Byford. Thomas de Churcham, subd. Abbot and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.  
1308 Nov 4Byford. Thomas Rose, priest.Abbot and convent of Brecon.  
1310 Feb 21Byford. Roger le Rous, subd.Abbot and convent of Brecon.  
1326 Jul 21Byford. Hugh de Barewe, sub-deacon.Abbot and convent of Brecon.  
1333 May 26Byford. William de Clare, clerk.Abbot and convent of Brecon.  
1333 Mar 16Byford. Ralph de Horewod, clerk.Abbot and convent of Brecon.Hugh de Pennebrigge.Resignation.
1353 Mar 17Byford. Rd. Hervy, clerk. [2]Thomas Don, citizen of Hereford.John Rees.Death.
1404 Nov 29Byford. John Partrich, chaplain.Prior and convent of Brecon.  
1437 Mar 9Byford. Richard Freeman, chaplain.Prior and conv. of Brecon.  
1438 Apr 3Byford. John Webbe, chapl.Prior and conv. of Brecon.Richard Freman.Resignation.
1440 Feb. 7Byford. Thomas Grene, chapl. [1]Prior and conv. of Brecon.  
1444 Dec 11Byford. Edmund Benue, chapl.Prior and conv. of Brecon.Thomas Grene.Resignation.
1450 Apr 19Byford. John Heryman.Prior and conv. of S. John the Evang. of Brecon.John Baker.Resignation.
1465 Jun 9Byford. John Clemens.Prior and conv. of S. John's, Brecon.Richd. Benet.Resignation.
1465 Oct 5Byford. Richard Benette.Prior and conv. of Brecon.John Harymon.Death.
1475 Jul 7Byford (ch. of S. John Bapt.). John Jevans, [8]Priory and conv. of S. John Ev., Brecon.Thomas Levynthall.Resignation.
1523 Feb 10Byford alias Byvord. David ap Roger.Prior and conv. of Brecon.John ap Jevan.Death.
1537 Feb 28Byford. Thomas Carpynter, in artibus bac.Wm. Baylye, gen., by a grant from the prior and con. of Brecon.Thos. ap Rosser, alias Boyne. [1]Resignation.
1554 Jun 21Byford. David Morgan.The queen.  
1578 Apr 30Byford. Richard Aldridge.The queen.  
1682 Dec 30Byford. James Reade, jun., M.A.The king.James Reade, sen.Resignation.
1724 Mar 13Byford. James Read, M.A.The king.James Read. Death.
1745 Nov 15Byford. John Woodcock, M.A.The king.James Read.Death.
1781 Dec 1Byford. Morgan Price, M.A. The king.John Woodcock, D.D. Death.
1782 Nov 27Byford. Lewis Maxey, M.A.The king.Morgan Price. Death.
1820 Sep 18Byford. James Johnson.The king.Lewis Maxey.Death.
1866 Jul 25Byford with Mansel Gamage. Berkeley Lionel Scudamore Stanhope.Sir Henry Geers Cotterell, bart.James Johnson.Death.
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