Canon Residentiaryship

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1867 Nov 15Canon Residentiaryship. William Waring, M.A.The bishop.Hen. Huntingford, B.C.L.Death.
1870 Mar 21Canon Residentiaryship. John Jebb, D.D.The bishop.William Edward Evans.Death.
1877 Mar 17Canon Residentiaryship. Sidney Lidderdale Smith, M.A.The bishop.William Waring.Death.
1886 Jan 23Canon Residentiaryship. Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley, bart., M.A.The bishop.John Jebb. Death.
1887 Jun 4Canon Residentiaryship. Hen. Wright Phillott, M.AThe bishop.Lord Saye and Sele.Death.
1889 May 3Canon Residentiaryship. George Herbert Whitaker, M.A.The bishop.Sir Fredk. Arthur Gore Ouseley, bart.Death.
1892 Jan 4Canon Residentiaryship. Hen. Francis Bather, M.A.The bishop.George Herb.Whitaker.Resignation.
1892 Apr 21Canon Residentiaryship. Chas, Saml. Palmer, M.A.The bishop.William Peete Musgrave.Death.
1896 May 29Canon Residentiaryship. Frederick Mackenzie Williams, M.A.The bishop.Henry Wright Phillott,Death.
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