Canonical residence

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Sep 10Canonical house. Alan de Greppinge.The bishop.Roger de Bosbury.Vacated.
1277 Nov 8Canonical house. Luke de Bree, Treasurer.The bishop.Giles de Avenbury. 
1280 Nov 1Canonical house. Robert of Gloucester.The bishop.Henry de Hawkley.Death.
1280 Nov 1Canonical house. Walter de Redmarley.The bishop.Luke de Ere.Vacated.
1329 Aug 22Two canonical houses now united. William de Fownhope, canon.The bishop.  
1335 Sep 28Canonical residence. John de Trillek.The bishop.John de Barthone.Vacated.
1335 Sep 29Canonical residence. John de Barthone. The bishop.Rd. le Vernon.Vacated.
1341 Aug 5Canonical residence. Wm. de Sheyntone.The bishop.Roger de Breynton.Vacated.
1341 Aug 29Canonical residence. Lewis de Orleton.The bishop.John de Orleton.Vacated.
1346 Aug 14Canonical residence in Caboches lane. Thos. de Staunton.The bishop.Wm. de Fowehope.Resignation.
1348 Dec 13Canonical residence. Thomas de Trillek.The bishop.Walter Carles.Death.
1349 Apr 20Canonical residence. Thomas de Trillek. [2]The bishop.Thos. Astleye.Death.
1349 Apr 21Canonical residence. Philip llger.The bishop.Thos. Trillek.Resignation.
1349 Jun 12Canonical residence. Thomas Hacluit.The bishop.Master Thomas de Staunton.Death.
1349 Jun 26Canonical residence. John Boter.The bishop.Thos. Hacluit.Resignation.
1349 Jul 24Canonical residence. John Prophete.The bishop.John Boter.Resignation.
1353 May 10Canonical residence. Edmund Grymmesby.The bishop.Wm. de Hewyntone.Death.
1353 Mar 3Canonical residence. Wm. de Hewyntone.The bishop.John Rees.Death.
1354 Dec 10Canonical residence. William Wroth.The bishop.John de 0o.Death.
1355 Mar 27Canonical residence. Thomas Hacluit.The bishop.Thos. Trillek.Preferment.
1355 Mar 27Canonical residence. John Profete.The bishop.Thos. Hacluit.Preferment.
1366 Feb 10Canonical residence. Thos. Rous, canon. The bishop. [3]Wm. de Sheyntone.Death.
1367 Sep 24Canonical residence. Richd. Huntelowe, canon.The bishop.Nicholas Hethe.  
1368 May 11Canonical residence. Master Robert Wycheforde.The bishop.Master Wm. Wroth.Resignation.
1369 Mar 26Canonical residence. John de Bedewardine, archdeacon of Hereford.The bishop.Thos. Rous.Resignation.
1383 Nov 7Canonical residence outside Close. William Borstall, canon. [4]The bishop.Wm. Davy.Death.
1386 Oct 10Canonical residence. Wm. Hertwyke, canon of cathedal.The bishop.Wm. de la Barre.Death.
1386 Mar 1Canonical residence. John Abraham, canon of cathedral.The bishop.Robert Wytcheforde.Resignation.
1407 Jul 9Canonical residence. Henry Myle, canon and prebendary of Wellington.The bishop.Master Richd. Talbot.Resignation.
1411 Jan 18Canonical residence. John Pavy, preb. of Cobultone and Chancellor of the bishop's house.The bishop.Reginald Wolaston.Death.
1414 Apr 3Canonical residence. John Sutton, canon.The bishop.Henry Buytone.Death.
1414 Jun 3Canonical residence. Master Richard Talbot.The bishop.John Pavy.Death.
1415 Apr 2Canonical residence. Thos. Berkeley, canon.The bishop.John Pratte, canon.Death.
1415 Sep 2Canonical residence. Master John Stanewey, commissiary general.The bishop.Hugh Harpere.Death.
1420 Apr 20Canonical residence. Master John Cokworthy, canon and preb. of Church Withington.The bishop.Henry Myle. Death.
1420 Apr 22Canonical residence. John Grene, clerk. The bishop.Roger Hore.Vacated.
1427 Mar 1Canonical house. John Blodnell.The bishop.John Hereford.Resignation.
1429 Mar 17Canonical house. Henry Shelford.The bishop.Nich. Lyney.Death.
1431 Jan 1Canonical house. Richd. Rodirham.The bishop.John Castell.Death.
1460 Jul 6Canonical residence. Richard Pede.The bishop.John Dylewe.Death.
1460 Aug 13Canonical residence. Robert Jeffrey.The bishop.Richard Pede.Resignation.
1464 Apr 18Canonical residence or manse. Thomas Downe, prebendary.The bishop.John Baily. [5]Vacated.
1464 Aug 16Canonical residence. Hugh Ragone.The bishop.John Assheby.Death.
1464 Oct 24Canonical residence. Thomas Downe, the penitentiary.The bishop.John Baily.Resignation.
1465 Aug 16Canonical residence. John ap Richard, canon.The bishop.John Clone.Death.
1470 Apr 13Canonical residence. Master Richard Jakessone, bac in decretis.The bishop.Walter Petwynne.Death.
1478 Aug 29Canonical residence. Richd. Jacquesson, in decr. bac. [2]The bishop.Robt. Tarry, canon.Death
1478 Aug 29Canonical residence. Ralph Barton, canon.The bishop.Richard Jaquessone, canon.Resignation.
1480 Apr 14Canonical residence. Henry Edvyn.The bishop.John Persons.Death.
1482 Feb 17Canonical residence. Master John Sebrome.The bishop.John apprickard.Death.
1486 May 23Canonical residence. Master John Hervy.The bishop.Ralph Barton.Resignation.
1508 Oct 13Canonical residence. Wm. Webbe, archdeacon of Shropshire.The bishop.Thos. Grete.Death.
1508 Nov 3Canonical residence. John Wardroper, archd. of Stafford.The bishop.William Webbe.Resignation.
1511 Jul 22Canonical residence. Henry Martyn, in utroque jure bac.The bishop.Thos. Morton.Death.
1513 Jan 1Canonical residence. William Goberd, rector of Ross.The bishop. [1]John Wardroper.Resignation.
1516 Apr 9Canonical residence. Roger Brayne, canon residenciary.The bishop. [5]Wm. Goberd.Death.
1521 Nov 18Canonical residence in Broad St., near the precentor's house. Master Hugh Grene. The bishop,Richard Bromfylde.Death.
1523 Sep 21Canonical residence. William Hulle.The bishop,William Webbed.Death.
1524 Mar 25Canonical residence in Broad St. John Heryng, in leg. bac.The bishop.Hugh Grene.Death.
1526 Sep 20Canonical residence. John Mason, canon, res. Roger Brayne.Cession.
1528 Apr 9Canonical residence in cabege strete. David Walker,The bishop.Nich. Walwyn.Cession.
1533 Sep 20Canonical residence on the north of the cathedral burial ground. Walter Mey, the penitentiary.The bishop.John Wodroffe.Death.
1533 Feb 28Canonical residence in Brode St. Robert Bigge.The bishop.John Heryng.Cession.
1538 Jan 12Canonical house on the east of the cathedral cemetery. Richard Sparcheford, [3] archdeacon of Shropshire.The bishop.Humfrey Ogle.Consent.
1539 Apr 15Canonical house in Broad street, to the west of the cathedral. Master Hugh Coren, vicar general.Thomas Cromwell. Master Robert Bygge.Death.
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