Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1278 Jul 22Chetton. Richard, parish priest of Chetton.   
1278 Oct 28Chetton. Philip Burnell.   
1279 May 27Chetton. Sir Malcolm, Canon of Wells.Hugh Burnett.  
1284 Aug 19Chetton. Nicholas de Hereford, canon. Hugh Burnel.  
1302 May 11Chetton. Maurice de Pissiaco.The Crown.  
1318 Apr 12Chetton. Godfrey de Rudham, priest. Mina Burnell.   
1322 May 11Chetton. Alan de Rudham, priest.Alina Burnell.  
1327 Jan 30Chetton. Hugh de Beysin, priest.(not mentioned).  
1335 Jan 18Chetinton. Wm. de Baysham. Alicia Burnel.  
1336 Jan 18Chetinton. William de Brylyn.Alice Burnel.  
1342 Jan 17Chetton. Nich. de Wichford.Alice de Burnet.  
1355 Jul 30Chetton (Chetyndon). Richard de Marteleye, rector of Llanverid.Dame Alyne Barnel.Nicholas de Wythiford, rector.Exchange.
1388 Aug 24Chetton (Chetingtone). Adam Osbarne, vicar of Montford (Moneford).Sir Hugh Burnell, knt., lord of Holgate and Willey.Thomas Neldere, rector of Chetton (Chetingtone).Exchange.
1439 Oct 5Chetton. John Wodertone, chapl.William, lord of Burnell.John Cowper.Resignation.
1441 Aug 26Chetton. Walter Wodertone, chapl.William, lord of Lovell Burnell.John Cause.Resignation.
1448 Jul 2Chetton. John Cowper, chapl.Sir William Burnell. Walter Woderton.Resignation.
1462 Dec 15Chetton. David ap Meredith.Sir John Lovell, knt., lord of Lovell, Holand, and Burnell.John Cowpere.Resignation.
1466 Apr 24Chetton. William Conwey, chapl.Sir William Stanley, knt., and Jane, lady Lovelle.David Morgan.Resignation.
1480 Aug 14Chetton. Richd. Hunt, deac.Francis, lord of Lovell.William Conway.Resignation.
1530 May 28Chetton. Humphrey Burnell. Edwd. Norton and Edwd. Warde, and Elizabeth, his wife. [5]John Foxall.Death.
1536 Jun 17Chetton. William Colborne. John Typton, by the grant of John Savage, knt.Humph. Burnell. Death.
1575 Aug 9Chetton. William Wrednall.John Savage, mil.Last incumbent.Death.
1662 Nov 7Chetton-with-Laughton. George Barkley.Edward Wild, arm.   
1676 Sep 29Chetton. Joseph Blundston, B.A.Edmund Wild.George Berkley, M.A.Death.
1715 Mar 9Chetton. Jos. Soley, B.A.Anna Dennis, widow. Joseph Blunston. Death.
1716 Nov 2Chetton. Samuel Casson, M.A.Thomas Wylde, arm.Joseph Soley.Resignation.
1757 Mar 26Chetton. Charles Edmund Wilde, S.C.L.William Bromley, esq.Hen. Bund alias Vernon.Resignation.
1767 Aug 26Chetton, Deuxhill and Glazeley. Charles Edmund Wylde, LL.B.Thos. Wilde, of Bellview, Co. Somerset, esq.Last incumbent.Cession.
1813 Mar 16Chetton, Deuxhill and Glazeley, with chapel of Loton. Will. Vicars, B.A.Valentine Vicars, sen., of Stableford, gent.Edward Davenport. Death.
1851 Jun 11Chetton, Deuxhill, Glazeley and Lougton. Richard Herbert, B.A.Thomas Whitmore Wylde Brown, esq.William Vickers. Death.
1861 Mar 12Chetton with Deuxhill, Glazeley and Loughton. John Smyth Purton, B.D.Thos. Pardoe Purton, of Faintree, esq.Richard Herbert. Death.
1895 Dec 18Chetton with Glazeley and Deuxhill. Alfred Gray, M.A.Thos. Martin Southwell, esq.Henry Kemble SouthwellResignation.
1900 Nov 23Chetton with Glazeley and Deuxhill. Herbert Hamilton Lucas, M.A.Thos. Martin Southwell, esq.Alfred Gray. Resignation.
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