Cleobury North

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1378 Jan 16Cleobury North. John Dune, chapl. Robert Haltone.  
1399 Oct 1Cleobury North. John Shorkettt, rector of Gorley. William Seint Georges, rector of Cleobury North, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1404 Aug 26Cleobury North. John Marssh (also March), vicar of Kinlet.Philippa Persale, hunesta matrona.William Sharp.Exchange.
1407 Oct 20S. Matthews, Cleobury North. David Taty, chaplain.Philippa, lady of Cleobury.John Merssh.Resignation.
1409 Oct 28Cleobury North. Reginald Penmawe, vicar of Lydbury.Philippa de Persale.David Taty.Exchange.
1442 Aug 24Cleobury North. William Webbe, rector of Smethcote, in the diocese of Coventry and Lichfield. Thomas Dun, rector of Cleobury North.Exchange.
1457 Aug 18Cleobury North. Richd. Fowler, rect. of Stockton.Margaret Peshale.Richard Sadeler.Resignation.
1461 May 7Cleobury North. Hugh Wevere, chapl.Margery, relict of Richd. Teasdale.  
1462 May 25Cleobury North. Thomas Harryson.Margery, relict of Richd. Pecasale.Richard Foldre.Vacated.
1464 Oct 30Cleobury North. Richard Langeley, chapl.Margery, relict of Richard Peshale, lady of Cleobury.Thomas Harryson.Resignation.
1468 Jan 7Cleobury North. Thomas Holme, of Cov. and Lich. dioc.Margery Pesale.Robert Pery.Deprivation.
1519 Mar 6Cleobury North. Owen Holdcrofte.Ralph Graunsevenour.Henry Butler.Death.
1563 Dec 2Cleobury North. John Holte.Anne Grosvenor and Thomas Grosvenor.  
1625 Dec 21Cleobury North. Will. Millicbamp.The king.   
1662 Sep 30Cleobury North. George Adney.Humfrey Briggs, miles.  
1666 Aug 27Cleobury North. John Ouldham.Humphrey Brigges, miles et baronet.George Adney.Death.
1725 Oct 13Cleobury North. Henry Newnham, M.A.George Adney, cleric. John Oldham.Death.
1743 Dec 13Cleobury North. Richd. Adney, B.A. The bishop, by lapse. Last incumbent.Death.
1768 Mar 8Cleobury North. Thomas Warter, M.A.Himself and his wife, Anna Maria, daughter of Richd. Adney.Richard Adney. Death.
1796 Jun 13Cleobury North. Thomas Cox, M.A.Himself.Thomas Warter.Death.
1802 May 1Cleobury North. William Geo. Maxwell, M.A.Anne Maxwell, of Twining, Co. Glos., widow.Thomas Cox. Resignation.
1819 May 1Cleobury North. John Isaac Brasier.Sarah Margaret Brasier.William Gen. Maxwell.Cession.
1848 Nov 29Cleobury North. John Blurton Webb, M.A.Himself.John Isaac Brazier.Death.
1859 Mar 3Cleobury North. Geo. Ash Butterton, D.D.James Hardcastle, of Pen-y-lan, Co. Denbigh, esq.John Blurton Webb. Resignation.
1866 Jul 13Cleobury North. Morris Edgar Stanbrough, M.A.Gustavus Frederick Hamilton Russell, viscount Boyne.Geo. Ash Butterton, D D. Resignation.
1871 Apr 15Cleobury North. Will. Geo. Wooler. Gustavus Frederick, viscount Boyne.Morris Edgar Stanbrough.Cession.
1895 Mar 12Cleobury North. Alfred James, M.A.Gustavus Russell, viscount Boyne.William George Wooler.Death.
1898 Jun 15Cleobury North and Burwarton. Normzn Robert Ramsay, M.A.Gustavus Hamilton. viscount Boyne.Alfred James.Death.
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