Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1342 Nov 13Clifford.VWm. de Baggeford.The Crown.  
1342 Feb 7Clifford.VWilliam de Gretton.   
1349 Nov 3Clifford.VWilliam de Lydum.Abbot and convent of Clifford.  
1386 Mar 22Clifford.VRichard Martin, vicar of Bromfield.John Wenlak, prior, and the convent of Clifford.William Lydum, vicar of Clifford.Exchange.
1398 May 23Clifford.VJohn Symons, vicar of Chonoworth, Worcester dioc. Richard Martyn, vicar of Clifford.Exchange.
1401 Mar 20Clifford.VThomas Haukesbury, portionist of Lymenhall in Lyghe, Worcester dioc. John Symond, vicar of Clifford.Exchange.
1421 Oct 24Clifford.VWm. Stowe, chaplain.Prior and convent of Clifford.Thos. Hankesbury.Resignation.
1458 Jul 28Clifford.VJohn ap Griffyth, chapl.Prior and conv. of Clifford.Richd. Silvestre.Resignation.
1461 Feb 26Clifford.VRobert Vaghan, chapl.Prior and conv. of Clifford.ap Griffith.Resignation.
1481 Apr 26Clifford.VJohn ap Rees.Prior and conv. of Clifford.  
1562 Sep 17Clifford.VEd. Hayward.John Walwyn, gen.  
1564 Jul 21Clifford.VJohn Pryce.John Walwyn, gen.   
1615 Jan 27Clifford.VJohn Hoskins, D.C.L. The bishop, by lapse.  
1687 Apr 22Clifford.VEustace WhitneyChas. Walwyn, gen.John Rawlins. Death.
1714 Nov 6Clifford.VJames Williams, B.A.Charles Walwyn, cleric.Eustace Whitney.Death.
1723 Sep 19Clifford.VThomas Taylor, M.A.Charles Walwyn, cleric,James Williams.Death.
1725 Nov 20Clifford.VBarnabas Smyth, M.A.Charles Walwyn, cleric.Thomas Taylor.Cession.
1733 May 4Clifford.VThomas Morton, M.A.Charles Walwyn.Barnaby Morse.Cession.
1736 Apr 15Clifford.VEdward Crank, M.A. Charles Walwyn, clerk, M.A.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1763 Aug 18Clifford.VWilliam Allen, M.A. The bishop, by lapse. Edward Crank.Death.
1808 Dec 14Clifford.VJohn Trumper, B.A. Thos. Trumper, of Whitney, esq.William Allen.Death.
1855 Jun 1Clifford.VWilliam Walwyn Trumper, B.A.Will. Walwyn Trumper, of Grosmont, esq.John Trumper. Death.
1874 Jul 15Clifford.VThos.Will.Walwyn Trumper, M.A.Elizabeth Trumper, widow.William Walwyn Trumper.Death.
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