Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1305 Feb 18Clifton. Simon de Bedstone, priest.Prioress and convent of Lingbrook.  
1361 Dec 11Clifton. John Stodiare.Prioress and convent of Limebrook.Nich. de la Halle.Resignation.
1369 Aug 4Clifton.VWilliam Westona.Prioress and convent of Limebrook.  
1369 Mar 13Clifton.VWilliam Pengros.Prioress and convent of Limebrook.  
1406 Aug 18Clifton on Teme. William Lorymer, vicar of Madley.Prioress and convent of Limebrook.Richard Feryngale.Exchange.
1408 Oct 5Clifton on Teme (Temede).VJohn Cleve, vicar of S. Peter, Witton by Wyche.Prioress and convent of Limebrook.William Lorymer.Exchange.
1409 Sep 25Clifton.VWilliam Overton, rector of Abberley (Abbotesley).Prioress and convent of Limebrook.John Cleve.Exchange.
1410 Sep 20Clifton.VWilliam Spark, rector of S. James's, Stirchley.Prioress and convent of Limebrook.William Overton.Exchange.
1419 Feb 18Clifton.VJohn Noxtone, rector of Shelsley.The prioress and convent of Limebrook (Lindebrook).Richard Benthale, vicar of Clifton.Exchange.
1443 Dec 18Clifton.VHenry Manley.The bishop, hac vice.  
1445 Aug 17Clifton.VJohn Monke, chapl.Prioress and conv. of Limebrook.Henry Martley.Resignation.
1489 Mar 30Clifton.VJohn Bracy. [2]Prioress and conv. Limebrook.Wm. Yatts.Death.
1547 Mar 18Clifton. William Callow.The king.Edward Wright. Death.
1556 Jun 30Clifton.VRobert Barrette, M.A.John Callowbill, of Tedstone Delamere, gent.  
1563 Mar 23Clifton.VWilliam Perkins.John Callowhill.  
1565 Nov 7Clifton.VThomas Maddox.John Callowhill.  
1567 Jan 31Clifton.VArthur Hewett.John Callowhill.  
1662 Apr 20Clifton-on-Teme.VJohn Barbour.Will. Jefferyes, arm.   
1687 Jan 14Clifton-on-Teme.VActon Cremer, M.A. Henry Jeffreyes, arm, John Barber.Death.
1690 Jan 7Clifton-(on-Teme).VWilliam Johnson, D.D.Henry Jeffreys, arm.Acton Cremer.Death.
1698 Jun 28Clifton-super-Team.VEdmund Weaver.Henry Jeffreyes, arm.   
1700 May 4Clifton-super-Team.VJohn Stanley, B.A.Henry Jeffreyes, arm.Edward Weaver. Death.
1707 Nov 28Clifton-super-Teame.VThomas Woodhouse, B.A.Henry Geoffreyes, arm.John Stanley.Death.
1741 Sep 22Clifton-on-Teme. Thos. King, M.A. Thos. Winnington, esq.Thomas Woodhouse.Death.
1771 Aug 31Clifton-on-Teme.VGeorge Butt, M.A.Sir Edw. Winnington, bart.Thomas King.Death.
1787 Mar 15Clifton-on-Teme.VThomas Cookes.Edward Winnington, esq.George Butt.Cession.
1809 Aug 9Clifton-on-Teme and Stanford.VEdward Winnington Ingram, B.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Denham James Joseph Cookes.[RL:faint??] Cession.
1817 Aug 2Clifton-on-Teme.VCharles Fox Winnington, B.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Edw. Winnington Ingram.Resignation.
1841 Dec 17Clifton-on-Teme.VJohn Pearson, M.A. Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Charles Fox Winnington.Death.
1845 Jul 4Clifton-on-Teme.VGeo. Prothero, B.A. Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.Arthur Hen. Winnington Ingram. Cession.
1853 Oct 25Clifton-on-Teme.VSlade Baker, M.A.Sir Thomas Edward Winnington, bart.George Prothero.Resignation.
1875 Feb 8Clifton-on-Teme.VRobert Chichester Moncrieff, B.A.Sir Francis Winnington, bart.Slade Baker.Resignation.
1885 Sep 15Clifton-on-Teme.VMartin Brereton Buckle.Sir Francis Salwey Winnington, bart.Hon. Robt. Chichester Moncrieff. Cession.
1895 Feb 21Clifton-on-Teme.VJohn Stroud Maher. The bishop, by lapse. Martin Brereton Buckle.Resignation.
1899 Jun 28Clifton-on-Teme.VRobt. Geo. Griffiths, M.A.Sir Francis Salwey Winnington, bart.John Stroud Maher.Death.
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