Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1349 Sep 23Clungunford. John Vincent, clerk.Richard, earl of Arundel.  
1351 Jul 31Clungunford. Roger Pyard. [1]Richard, earl of Arundel. Exchange.
1377 Nov 28Clungunford. Wm. Osmondestone.Richard, earl of Arundel and Surrey.  
1387 Apr 27Clungunford. John Gamulle, chaplain.Richard, earl of Arundel.Wm. de Osmestone.Death.
1388 Nov 26Clungunford. John Wyke, chaplain.Richard, earl of Arundel.  
1388 Dec 28Clungunford.RAlan Thorpe, rector of Llanarmon.The earl of Arundel.John Wyke, rector of Clungunford.Exchange.
1433 Feb 28Clungunford. Walter Harold.William Ryman.  
1557 May 2Clungunford. Francis Baldwyn.Thomas Stringefellowe.  
1673 Jul 29Clungunford. John Wilcox.Samuel Barkley.Samuel Barkley. Death.
1675 Sep 24Clungunford. James Barkley.Samuel Barkley, gen.John Wilcox.Resignation.
1725 Mar 9Clungunford. Thomas Evans, M.A. Richard Rock, arm.John Edwards, D.D.Death.
1762 Jul 31Clungunford. Richard Morgan, M.A.Henry Morgan, earl of Powys, Hugh Owen of Woodhouse, esq., and John Davies, of Shrewsbury, gent. [1] Thomas Evans. Death.
1766 Jul 18Clungunford. Evan Humphrey, LL.B. John Rocke, of Trefnanny.Richard Morgan.Death.
1779 May 30Clungunford. John Rocke, B.A.John Rock, of Trefnanny, Co. Mon., esq.Evan Humphreys. Resignation.
1814 May 26Clungunford. John Rocke, jun., B.A.John Rocke, sen.John Rocke, sen.Resignation.
1849 Aug 29Clungunford. Thos. Owen Roche, B.A.John Roche, esq.John Roche.Death.
1892 Jul 14Clungunford. Will. Chas. Rocke, B.A.John Chas. Leveson Rocke, esq.Thomas Owen Rocke.Death.
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