Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1295 Jul 25Cradley. William de la Gaye, subd.The bishop.  
1301 Mar 11Cradley. William de la Gare. [1]The bishop.  
1303 Jul 31Cradley. Robert de Kingsnode, deacon. The bishop.  
1321 Jan 25Cradley. Walter Carles, priest. [1]The bishop.  
1348 Dec 13Cradley. Adam Trewelove.The bishop.Sir Walter.Death.
1366 Dec 21Cradley.RThomas de Byrmyncham. Richard Chaundos.Exchange.
1401 Jan 4Cradley. Maurice Dyby.The bishop.  
1455 Aug 19Cradley. William Chapman, chapl.The bishop.Maurice Trevenaunt. [3]Resignation.
1508 Oct 5Cradley. Henry Martin, in utroque jure bac.The bishop.John Hans.Death.
1524 Mar 28Cradley. William Burghill, in decr. doc.The bishop.Henry Martyn.Death.
1526 Sep 7Cradley. William Bothe, in art. mag.The bishop.William Burghille.Death.
1560 Jul 5Cradley. Thomas Grenewiche. The queen, hac vice, racione prerogative corone sue.John Parfey. Deprivation.
1568 Jun 21Cradley. William Penson. [3]The bishop.  
1678 Jul 7Cradley. Edward Bosworth, B.A.The bishop.Edmund Skinner.Death.
1680 Jan 29Cradley. Geo. Benson, D.D.The bishop.Edward Bosworth.Death.
1682 Jun 9Cradley. John Benson, M,A.The bishop.George Benson, D.D. Resignation.
1713 Sep 19Cradley. Thomas Biss, D.D. The bishop.John Benson. Death.
1731 Jul 30Cradley. Richard Chambers, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Bisse, D.D.Death.
1776 Jun 17Cradley. Daniel Price, M.A.The bishop.Richard Chambers. Death.
1794 Jun 19Cradley. Henry Ford, LL.D. The bishop.Daniel Price. Death.
1813 Sep 14Cradley. John Geo. Hannington, M.A.The bishop.Henry Ford.Death.
1815 Aug 14Cradley. Charles Scott Luxmore, B.A. [1]The bishop.John Geo. Hannington, D.D. Resignation.
1854 Jul 17Cradley. Edwd. Renn Hampden, M.A.The bishop.Charles Scott Luxmore.Death.
1892 Jun 10Cradley. Thomas Ayscough Ayscough, M.A.The bishop.Edward Reno Hampden.Death.
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