Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1277 Sep 22Credenhill. Philip Talbot, sub-deacon.Richard Talbot.  
1301 Oct 17Credenhill. John Talbot, archdeacon of Salop.Richard Talbot.  
1307 Oct 15Credenhill. Thomas Talbot, acol.Sir Gilbert Talbot.  
1308 Feb 7Credenhill. William Talbot.Sir Gilbert Talbot.  
1313 Feb 18Credenhill. William de Ribbesford, subd.Sir Gilbert Talbot.  
1330 Aug 3Credenhill. Roger Bluet, clerk.Gilbert Talbot.  
1351 Jun 1Credenhill. Nicholas Malemord.Sir Richd. Talebot, lord of Irchenfield.  
1361 Jan 11Credenhill. Robt. de Uppecote.Sir John Bromwich, knt.  
1368 Jun 29Credenhill.VRoger Mey.Sir John de Bromwyche.Robert Upcote.Exchange.
1379 Nov 16Credenhill.RHenry Hoptone (sic, Uptone), parson of Lydham (Lydom). Walter Buffard, rector of Credenhill.Exchange.
1390 Aug 15Credenhill. John Prendergast, chantry priest of Beweley, Worcester dioc. Henry de Hopton, rector of Credenhill.Exchange.
1422 Jan 5Credenhill.RJohn Smyth, chaplain.Thomas Broinwych, junr.John Prendergast.Death.
1423 Jan 25Credenhill. John Smyth, chapl.John Talbot.John Smyth.Resignation.
1454 Oct 4Credenhill. William Harper, chapl.The bishop, by lapse.  
1492 Oct 3Credenhill. John Goghe.George Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury.William Harper.Resignation.
1511 May 28Credenhill. Thomas Donne. [2]George, earl of Shrewsbury.Death.Death.
1517 Nov 24Credenhill (Croydenhyll). Thomas Eccles.George, earl of Shrewsbury.Thomas Dunne.Resignation.
1530 Oct 8Credenhill. William Ogle.George, earl of Shrewsbury.Thomas Eccles. [8]Resignation.
1573 Jan 15Credenhill. Simon Smythe, M.A.The earl of Shrewsbury.   
1674 Dec 8Credenhill. John Clarke.Antony, earl of Kent.Thomas Traherne. Death.
1713 Jul 15Credenhill. Littleton Burton, M.A.Henry, duke of Kent.John Clark.Death.
1741 Apr 25Credenhill. John Jones, M.A.Edmund Eckley, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1745 Nov 15Credenhill. Richd, Eckley, B.A, Edmund Eckley, esq. John Jones.Resignation.
1785 Nov 21Credenhill. Edmund Eckley.Edmund Eckley, esqRichard Eckley.Death.
1835 Sep 24Credenhill. John Eckley.Himself.Edmund Eckley. Death.
1861 Jun 25Credenhill. Chas. Hen. Bulmer, M.A.John Eckley, clerk.John Eckley.Resignation.
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