Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1336 Oct 8Croft. Roger de la Hill.   
1357 Aug 7Croft. John de la Halle, chaplain.Elianor, relict of Sir Hugh Croft.John de Byford,Exchange.
1369 Dec 15Croft. William Reede, chaplain.John, vicar of Aymestrey (Ailmundustree).  
1390 Oct 20Croft chapel. John Pollesworth, rector of Haggelay, Worcester dioc.Richd. Mawardyn and others.William Stephens, of Croft chapel.Exchange.
1400 Feb 8Croft. Thomas Kyrkeby, rector of Beckbury, Hereford dioc. John de Pollesworth, rector of Croft.Exchange.
1400 Feb 17Croft chapel. Thomas Kyrkby.John de Croft.  
1424 Apr 17Croft. John Barkar, chapl. [1]William Croft.  
1481 Feb 6Crofte chapel. Walter Goolde.Sir Richard Crofte, knt.John ap Richard.Death.
1526 May 17Croft. Walter Strotty.Sir Edwd. Crofte, knt.John Meyrik. [3]Resignation.
1555 May 4Croft. Roger Burghill.Richard Croft, arm.Last incumbent.Death.
1561 Jun 19Croft. Richard Conhope. Richard Croft, of Croft, arm.   
1668 Aug 24Croft. William Johnson.The bishop.Henry Philley,Death.
1676 Jul 29Croft. Benjamin Pritchard, M.A.Sir Herbert Croft, bart.William Johnson.Resignation.
1680 Jul 14Croft. Ambrose Sparry, M.A.Sir Herbert Croft, bart.Benjamin Pritchard.Cession.
1691 Apr 19Croft. George Powell, M.A. Sir Herbert Croft,Ambrose Sparry.Cession.
1736 Jan 6Croft. John Attwood, M.A.Sir Archer Croft, bart.Last incumbent.Death.
1739 Sep 26Croft. Blaney Baldwyn, M.A.Sir Archer Croft, bart.John Attwood. Resignation.
1743 Sep 17Croft. Richard Smith, M.A.George, lord Carpenter (upon the nomination of Sir Archer Croft, bart.)Last incumbent.Death.
1796 Aug 29Croft with Yarpole.VWhittington Landon, D.D.As above.Richard Smith.Death.
1839 Mar 21Croft with Yarpole. Joseph Edwards, B.A.Edw. Kevill Davies, esq.Whittington Landon, D.D.Death.
1886 Aug 4Croft with Yarpole. William Trevelyan Kevill Davies.Himself.Joseph Edwards.Death.
1892 Nov 15Croft with Yarpole. Ernest Langham Boughton Kevill Davies.William Trevelyan Kevill Davies, clerk. William Trevelyan Kevill Davies.Resignation.
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