Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1297 Aug 3Dilene (i.e. Dilwyn). Richard Roce, acol.(not mentioned).  
1297 Nov 19Dilwyn. Richard Rous, deacon. [5](not mentioned).  
1349 Aug 14Dilwyn.VWilliam Nicholas. Abbot and convent of Wormesley.  
1395 Dec 1Dilwyn.VThos. Barwe, chapl.Prior and convent of Wormesley.  
1397 Oct 4Dilwyn.VJohn Williams, rector of Hope Mansel. Thomas Barwe, vicar of Dilwyn, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1402 Sep 13Dilwyn. John Skele.Prior and convent of Wormesley.  
1407 Apr 28Dilwyn (Dylewe).VWilliam Taylour.Prior and convent of Wormesley.  
1409 May 25Dilwyn (Dylewe).VWalter Robyns, chaplain.Prior and convent of Wormesley.Wm. Taylour.Death.
1423 Jan 12Dilwyn.VJohn Dilewe, chaplain. [2]Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Walter Robynes.Resignation.
1439 Mar 16Dilwyn.VRichard Rubart, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.  
1480 Dec 26S. Mary's chantry, Dilwyn.CJohn Coxtone, chapl.Richard Bromwich.Thos. Long.Acceptance of the vicarage of Felton.
1508 Sep 26Dilwyn.VWilliam Blither.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.  
1617 Jun 25Dilwyn.VThom. Denys, M.A. The bishop.  
1661 Apr 8Dilwyn.VMartin Johnson, M.A.The king.   
1682 Jun 1Dilwyn.VMartin Johnson.The bishop.  
1699 Sep 4Dilwyn.VWilliam Tyler.The bishop.  
1732 Dec 9Dilwyn.VThomas Evans, M.A. The bishop.William Tyler.Death.
1767 May 9Dilwyn.VThomas Willim, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Evans.Death.
1801 Mar 19Dilwyn.VRichard Walond, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Willim.Death.
1801 May 18Dilwyn.VThomas Russell, M.A The bishop.Richard Walond.Resignation.
1831 May 31Dilwyn.VHen. Chas. Morgan. The bishop.Thomas Russell. Death.
1864 Dec 7Dilwyn.VWilliam Heather, LL.B.The bishop.Henry Charles Morgan.Resignation.
1873 Feb 17Dilwyn.VThos. Morgan, M.A. The bishop.William Heather. Death.
1891 May 19Dilwyn.VFrederick Mellor, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Morgan.Death.
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