Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 Jun 17Deukestone (i.e. Dixton).PJohn de Langford, subd.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.William de Conflens.Vacated.
1291 Mar 19Deukestone (i.e. Dixton).PJohn de Longford, priest.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.William de Conflens.Vacated.
1296 Oct 19Dixton. Henry Culmis, deacon.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1313 May 13Dixton. John fitz-Elias, priest, of priory of Monmouth.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1316 Oct 22Dixton. Richard de Sidenhale, deacon.Abbot and convent of Monmouth.  
1349 May 18Dixton. William Morel.The king.  
1349 Jan 29Dixton.VRalph Goselinch.The king.  
1355 Mar 18Dixton. John Vale, chaplain.The king (Monmouth priory).William Morel.Exchange.
1382 Sep 25Dixton (Duxtoun).VJohn Webbe, chapl.The king (Monmouth priory).  
1423 Oct 21Dixton. John ap Wylyn ap Menzil.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.John Webbe.Death.
1429 Aug 5Dixton. John barre, chapl.John ap Gwillim.  
1443 Dec 11Dixton.VDavid Newcastell, chapl.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.John Barre.Resignation.
1446 Aug 6Dixton.VHowel Lewys, chapl.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.Philip Lewys.Resignation.
1446 Mar 18Dixton.VPhilip Lewis, chapl.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.David Newcastell.Resignation.
1486 Jan 19Dixton.VJohn Sant.Prior and conv. of Monmouth.  
1531 Jun 10Dixton. James Burley.John Hussey, of the city of London. [4]John Gozhe.Death.
1546 Dec 23Dixton. Roger Owen, B.C.L. The king.James Burley.Death.
1550 Sep 20Dixton. David Gwyllim.The king.Roger Owen. Resignation.
1554 May 25Dixton. David Ellis.The queen.  
1564 Jan 27Dixton.VJohn Aprice.Maurice Powell, gen.  
1565 Nov 28Dixton.VJohn Baddam.The bishop, hac vice.   
1566 Jul 5Dixton. John Pryce.Maurice Powell, arm.  
1570 Jul 27Dixton.VJohn Glin.Maurice Powell, arm.  
1573 Sep 27Dixton.VDavid Jones.Maurice Powell, of Monmouth, arm.Late incumbent.Resignation.
1668 May 7Dixton. Charles Hardcourt.Francis Hall, gen.William Clarke.Death.
1675 Mar 13Dixton.VGeorge Dalston.Hen. Benedict Hall, arm.Charles Harcourt,Death.
1677 Mar 23Dixton.VRichard Vaughan.Henry Hall, arm.George Dolston.Death.
1684 Nov 6Dixton.VJames Scudamore, B.A.Henry Hall, arm.Richard Vaughan.Resignation.
1715 Feb 11Dixton.VHerbert Pye, M.A.The archbishop, by lapse.James Scudamore. Death.
1726 Sep 3Dixton.VJames Birt, M.A.Thomas, viscount Gage.Herbert Pye.Death.
1738 May 10Dixton.VBaynham Barnes, M.A.Thomas, viscount Gage.Last incumbent.Death.
1758 Nov 3Dixton.VThomas Woodward, B.A.Thos. Griffiths, esq., Vice-admiral of the Blue Squadron.Baynham Barnes. Death.
1764 Jul 28Dixton.VThos. Baker, M.A.William Hall Gage, viscount Gage.Bainham Barnes.Amotion.
1773 Apr 7Dixton.VThomas Bankes,William Hall, viscount Gage.Thomas Baker.Resignation.
1805 Mar 30Dixton.VThomas Kennedy Mallett, B.A.Henry, viscount Gage. Thomas Bankes.Death.
1822 Dec 1Dixton.VRichard Davies, M.A.Henry Hall, viscount Gage.Thomas Kennedy Mallett.Death.
1833 Oct 10Dixton.VJas. Lister Dighton, M.A.Edward Machen, of Whitmead Park, esq.Richard Davies. Resignation.
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