Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1312 Feb 19Easthope. Reginald de Haubdine, priest. [11]The bishop.  
1314 Aug 23Easthope. John de Ecreton, acol.Roger de Cheyne.  
1349 Nov 10Easthope. Roger de Corfhull.Richard, earl of Arundel. [3]  
1365 Dec 14Easthope. Thos. de Pacyntone. The lord of Easthope.  
1385 Feb 7Easthope.RThomas Clerk, rector of S. Owen's, Hereford.Edith, widow of John de Esthope.Hugh Cheyne, rector of Easthope.Exchange.
1386 Jul 10Easthope. Thos. de Bortone, chaplain.Edith, lady of Easthope.Sir ? Clarke.Death.
1386 Dec 21Easthope. Thos. Bourtone, chaplain. [1]Edith, lady of Easthope.  
1404 Dec 8Easthope. William Dolfyn, chaplain.Edith, lady of Easthope.Richard Esthope.Resignation.
1407 Oct 9Easthope. Richard Paniour, chaplain.Edith, lady of Easthope.William Dolfyn.Resignation.
1408 Nov 10Easthope. William Depmon.Edith, lady of Easthope.  
1516 Feb 21Easthope. Hugh Johnson. [4]The bishop, by lapse.  
1563 Feb 11Easthope. Thomas Butler.Thomas Ludlowe.  
1571 Jan 15Easthope. Richard Blakewaye.Thomas Ludlowe, gen.   
1571 Mar 23Easthope. William Bendbow.Thomas Ludlow de Moore Howse, arm.   
1624 Mar 5Easthope. Richard Ovrednell.George Ludlow.  
1673 Jan 22Easthope. Ed. Baldwyn.Gen. Ludlowe, gen.Samuel Stedman.Death.
1709 Jun 3Easthope. Thomas Sheinton.Eliza Baugh, widow. Edward Baldwyn. Death.
1732 Jul 8Easthope. William Corfield, M.A.Samuel Edwards, arm.Last incumbent.Death.
1777 Jul 9Easthope. William Taylor, B.A.William Lutwyche, esq., and Mrs. Winford.William Corfield. Death.
1780 Aug 1Easthope. Richard Wilding, M.A.William Lutwyche, esq.William Taylor.Death.
1820 Dec 21Easthope. Edward Homfray.Ralph Benson, esq.Richard Wilding. Death.
1825 Mar 30Easthope. Ralph Lewin Benson, B.A.Ralph Benson, esq.Edward Homfray.Resignation.
1831 Dec 16Easthope. William Webster, M.A.Ralph Benson, esq.Ralph Lewin Benson.Resignation.
1843 Apr 17Easthope. Robert Armitage, M.A.Robert Benson, of Lutwyche Hall, esq.William Webster.Death.
1852 Jun 9Easthope. Edward Jacson, B.A.Moses Geo. Benson, of Lutwyche.Robert Hall Armitage.Death.
1858 Jul 9Easthope. Henry Raymond Smythies, M.A. Edward Jackson.Cession.
1864 Sep 22Easthope. William Elliott, M.A.George Benson, esq.Hen. Raymond Smythies.Resignation.
1866 Jul 6Easthope. Joshua Ingham Brooke, M.A.Moses Geo. Benson, esq.William Elliott.Cession.
1867 Jun 17Easthope. William Mills Parry Pym, B.A.Moses Geo. Benson, esq.Joshua Ingham Brooke.Cession.
1868 Nov 30Easthope. Silas Crosse.Moses Geo. Benson, esq.William Mills Parry Pym. Cession.
1899 Jun 28Easthope. Arthur Wollaston Hutton, M.A.Ralph Beaumont Benson, esq.Silas Crosse.Resignation.
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