Eaton under Heywood

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1289 Oct 25Eaton-u-Haywood. Osbert Godman, priest.Abbot and convent of Wenlock.  
1309 Oct 11Eaton Priors. Richard de Laverdene, priest.Abbot and convent of Wenlock.  
1341 Dec 1Eton. Robert le Hunte.The bishop.  
1357 Dec 8Eton.VWilliam Girrons, chaplain.The king (Wenlock priory).Richard de la More.Exchange.
1441 Dec 6Eton-under-Heywood. William hayles, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wenlock.John Weyford.Death.
1445 May 3Eaton-under-Heywood.VWilliam Schery, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wenlock.  
1488 Mar 4Eaton (under Heywood).VJohn Boteler, alias Stretton.John Shrewsbury, prior, and the conv. of Wenlock.Maurice Taylour.Death.
1515 Sep 6Eton.VJohn Upton.Prior and conv. of Wenlock.John Butler.Death.
1541 Apr 16Eaton (under Heywood). Thom. Haburley.Fulk Lee, gent., for Wenlock Priory.John Upton.Death.
1617 Feb 27Eaton-under-Heywood. Ambrose Phillips, B.A.Francis Juk, arm.   
1696 May 28Eaton (under Heywood).VJohn Ball.Herbert Jenks, gen. [1]John Jenks.Death.
1701 Feb 11Eaton (under Heywood).VThomas Hotchkis, M.A. Francis Jenkes.  
1703 Dec 20Eaton (under Heywood).VJohn Taylor, M.A.Francis Jenkes.John Ball. Death.
1740 Jun 3Eaton-under-Heywood.VJames Volant Vashon, M.A.Jenks Lutley, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1742 Oct 13Eaton (under Heywood).VWilliam Oakeley, B.A.Jenkes Lutley, esq.James Volant Vashon.Resignation.
1799 Jun 28Eaton (under Heywood).VThomas Watkins, B.A.Thomas Twynn, of Ludlow. clerk. Thomas Twynn, Jun.Death.
1805 Jun 22Eaton (under Heywood).VThomas Lloyd.Henry and William Lloyd, of Ludlow, gents.Thomas Watkins. Resignation.
1810 Jul 3Eaton (under Heywood).VThomas Alban.Henry and William Lloyd, of Ludlow, gents.Thomas Lloyd. Death.
1900 Sep 5Eaton-under-Heywood. Chas.Gustave Neville Friederichs, M.A.Humphrey Sandford, esq.Holland Sandford.Resignation.
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