Edvin Ralph

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1308 Oct 3Edvin Ralph. Philip de Collington, subd.Sir Thomas de Edvin.  
1318 Feb 3Edvin Ralph. Hugo de Yonge, deacon.Thomas de Edvin, knight.  
1321 Jun 13Edvin Ralph. John de Henley, acolyte.Thomas de Edvin.  
1349 Jul 25Edwyn Ralph. Robert Brown, of ChabnorRalph de Yddefen Rauf.John de Weston.Exchange.
1403 Apr 5Edvin Ralph. William Harry, rector of Kerbroke, Norwich dioc. John Tymell, rector of Edvin Ralph.Exchange.
1410 Jul 21Edwin Ralph (Yeddefen Raffe). John Lewys, vicar of Dewsall (Deweschalle).John Croft, lord of Croft and Edwyn.William Kerry.Exchange.
1419 Oct 20Edwin Ralph (Yedlen Raffe). Thomas Smythes, chaplain.Wm. Croft, arm. John Frowde.Death.
1472 Mar 12Edvin Ralph (Yedfen Raffe). Thos. Horewode, rect. of Collington.Sir Richard Crofte, knt.Roger Grene.Resignation on Mar 3.
1478 Aug 13Edvyn Ralph (Rafe). Thomas Smythe, chapl.Sir Richard Crofte, knt., and Eleanor, his wife.Thomas Horrewode.Resignation.
1479 Dec 9Edwyn Ralph. William Hychecok.Sir Richard Crofte, knt.Thos. Smythe.Death.
1480 Sep 26Edvyn Ralph (Yadefyn Raf). John Hervy, in jure can. bac.The bishop.  
1531 Feb 7Edwin Ralph. Owen ap David.Richard Crate, armiger.Thomas Eye.Death.
1545 Sep 22Edvin Ralph. John Nicoll.Richard Croft, arm.Owen Davyes.Resignation.
1563 Dec 25Edvin Ralph. Ralph Griffyn.James Croft, mil.   
1570 Jul 20Edvin Ralph. Charles Niclettes, B.A.Thomas Baskerville, de Netherwood, arm.  
1572 Feb 20Edvin Ralph. Thomas Smythe.Thomas Baskervyle, of Nethewood, arm.Charles Nicletes.Resignation.
1617 May 30Edvin Ralph. Rob Ovington, M.A. Ed. Pit, miles,  
1662 Nov 7Edvin Ralph. Phineas Jackson.Edward Pitt, arm.  
1681 Nov 30Edvin Ralph. Frederic France, B.A.James Pitts, arm.Phineas Jackson.Death.
1719 Oct 27Edvin Ralph. William King, B.A.Samuel Pytts, arm.Fredk. France.Death.
1747 Feb 6Edvin Ralph. Thomas Gyles, B.A. Edmund Pytts, esq.William King.Death.
1781 Jun 1Edvin Ralph. James Ingram.Edmund Pytts, of Kyrehouse, esq.John Giles.Death.
1813 Jul 22Edvin Ralph. Edward Green, M.A.James Robinson, of Tenbury, gent.James Ingram.Death.
1842 Oct 28Edvin Ralph. John Williams.Will. Lacon Childe, esq.Edward Green.Death.
1847 Mar 16Edwin Ralph and Collington. Arthur Childe, M.A. Will. Lacon Childe, esq.John Williams. Resignation.
1882 Aug 10Edwin Ralph with Collington. Edward Leonard Childe Freeman, B.A.Edw. Geo. Baldwyn Childe, clerk.Arthur Childe Freeman. Death.
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