Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1304 Feb 23Hampton.PSimon de Feversham, rector of Harghes.The bishop.John de la Pole.Death.
1368 Jul 26Hampton. Nich. de Bridport. The bishop.  
1378 Apr 21Hampton. Stephen Hope, chaplain.Roger Mortimer.  
1418 Jul 16Hampton. William Carpenter, warden or rector of the chapel of Snodhill.In the bishop's gift and the dean's jurisdiction.John Whitard (also Hwitard), rector of Hampton.Exchange.
1419 Feb 22Hampton.PJohn Green, alias Holder, clerk.The bishop.Richard Dyer.Resignation.
1459 Aug 1Hampton.PRobert Catsby, chapl.The bishop.John Grene.Resignation.
1523 Mar 18Hampton.PJohn Prynne, decr. doct.The bishop.Thomas Alcock. Resignation.
1551 Nov 21Hampton Ep.PRichard Harford, B.A.The bishop.Jn. Prynn. Resignation.
1552 Mar 1Hampton Ep.PHenry Morgan, D.C L.The bishop.Richard Harford.Resignation.
1560 Mar 25Hampton.PWilliam Aylwarde.The bishop.   
1561 Mar 5Hampton.PRoger Normecott. [1]The bishop.William Aylward.Resignation.
1570 Apr 1Hampton.PRoger Normecott.The bishop.   
1575 May 10Hampton.PJohn Hopkins.The bishop.   
1615 Nov 22Hampton.PPhilip Price, M.A.The bishop.Bernard Bennett.Death.
1679 Oct 20Hampton.PThomas Rogers, M.A.The king.John Lyddall.Death.
1684 Aug 12Hampton.VRichard Bulkeley, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Rogers.Cession.
1702 Apr 8Hampton.PFrancis Broade.The king.Richard Bulkeley, D.D.Death.
1728 Mar 7Hampton.PRobert Eyton, M.A. The bishop.Francis Broade. Death.
1732 Oct 26Hampton.PPhilip Birt, M.AThe bishop.Robert Eyton.Cession.
1736 Apr 16Hampton.PRobert Lloyd, M.A. The bishop.Last prebendary.Cession.
1779 Aug 20Hampton.PHugh Morgan, M.A. The bishop.James Prise.Death.
1780 Jun 8Hampton.PRichd. Underwood, M.A.The bishop.Hugh Morgan.Resignation.
1780 Jul 15Hampton.PAbraham Rudd, M.A.The bishop.Richard Underwood.Resignation.
1781 Jul 10Hampton.PThomas Russell, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Russell, D.D.Resignation.
1781 Sep 15Hampton.PThomas Birt, M.A. The bishop.Abraham Rudd.Resignation.
1813 Oct 29Hampton.PCharles Price, M.A. The bishop.Thomas Birt.Death.
1825 Jul 6Hampton.PJames Johnson, M.A. The bishop.Charles Price.Death.
1867 Jun 17Hampton.PHon. Arthur Allen Bateman Hanbury, M.A.The bishop.James Johnson. Death.
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