Hampton Wafer

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1321 Jun 15Hampton Wafers (chapelry). William Keke, priest.Roger de Mortimer, Lord of Chirk.  
1349 Aug 18Hampton Wafer chapel. John de Upton, clerk.Lady Juliana, relict of Sir Roger de Mortuo Mari of Chirk, jun.  
1350 Apr 5Hampton Wafer. Richard Seculer.Juliana de Mortuo Mari, lady of Hampton.John de Upton.Resignation.
1427 Aug 4Hampton Wafre. Walter Swan, chapl.Sir Roland Leimhale.John Bro. Resignation.
1428 Aug 14Hampton Wafer. John Vir.Sir Roland Leynthale.Walter Swan.Resignation.
1458 Jan 16Hampton Wafer free chapel. Philip Longe.Hugh Mortymere.Richard Mortymere.Resignation.
1527 Oct 23Hampton Wafer free chapel. David Bazhe, clerk. The bishop, by lapse.Certo modo.Certo modo.
1531 Jan 23Free chapel of Hampton Wafer. John Ree, in art. bac.Sir Humphrey Coningsby, knt.David Bazhe. Death.
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