Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1312 Oct 9Hatfield. John de Horsnede.William de Weston.  
1562 Jun 22Hatfield. Oliver Bamforth.The queen.  
1770 Dec 28Hatfield.CJohn Walker, B.A.Sambrooke Freeman, esq., and Harriet Winford, spinster. Charles Bate. Death.
1812 Dec 16Hatfield.CJohn Wood Duppa, M.A.Sir John Geers Cotterell, bart.John Walker.Death.
1844 Feb 7Hatfield.CJohn Chas. Napleton. The Lord Chancellor.John Wood Duppa.Death.
1858 Apr 6Hatfield.CWhitmore Carr, M.A.The queen.John Chas. Napleton.Cession.
1862 Jan 16Hatfield.CMartin Hen.Ricketts, M.A.The queen.Whitmore Carr.Non-residence, and disobedience to monition.
1874 Nov 7Hatfield.VJames Rimington Ward, M.AThe queen.Martin Henry Ricketts.Resignation.
1880 Sep 14Hatfield.VSamuel Thos. Pettigrew, M.AThe queen.James Rimington Ward.Resignation.
1889 Sep 14Hatfield.VRobt. Bentley, B.A.The queen.Samuel Thos. Pettigrew.Death.
1900 Sep 5Hatfield.VDavid Wigley Abbott.The queen.Robert Bentley Taylor.Resignation.
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