Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1280 May 14.Hope Say. Henry de Upavene.Isabella de Mortimer.  
1306 Apr 19Hopesay. Ambrose de Newburgh.The Crown. [1]  
1313 May 1Hopesay. Roger de Kinlet, priest.Edmund, earl of Arundel.  
1325 Aug 14Hopesay. Thomas de Clone, priest.Edmund, earl of Arundel.  
1349 Sep 23Hopesay. John de Westdene.Earl of Arundel.  
1351 Jul 29Hopesay. Philip Aace, clerk.Richard, earl of Arundel.John de Westdene.Resignation.
1369 Aug 19Hopesay. John Cheyne, clerk.Richard, earl of Arundel and Surrey.  
1378 Aug 5Hopesay. Lawrence de Pulford.Richard, earl of Arundel.  
1378 Aug 15Hopesay. Lawrence Pulford.   
1385 Jun 25Hopesay. Thomas de Rydelyngtone.Richard, earl of Arundel and Surrey.  
1396 Nov 24Hopesay.   Thomas Redlyngtone, rector of Hopesay.Resignation.
1397 Jan 26Hope Say. Thomas Cole.Earl of Arundel.  
1398 Sep 22Hope Say. John Somertone, chapl.Duke of Albemarle.  
1404 Nov 27Hopesay. Wm. Gyllyng.Thomas, earl of Arundel.  
1404 Feb 26Hopesay. Roger Capyteyn, clerk.Thomas, earl of Arundel.  
1414 Oct 28Hopesay. Master Adam Uske, doctor of laws, rector of Mersham.Thomas, Earl of Arundel and Surrey.Roger Capteyn.Exchange.
1426 Feb 16Hopesay. ? The church of Llanmagher, Lland. dioc.Exchange.
1432 Dec 5Hopesay. William Brome, chapl.Eleanora de Arundell.Thomas Bullesdon. [1]Resignation.
1475 Dec 2Hopesay. Wm. Moore, chapl.Edmund, lord of Arundel.  
1478 Dec 23Hopesay. Richard Wiche, chapl.William, earl of Arundel.Wm. Moore.Death.
1480 Feb 88Hopesay. John Bygge.William, earl of Arundel.John Wyche.Death.
1488 Mar 10Hopesay. Matthew Morse.Thomas, earl of Arundel.Master John Phelipps.Resignation.
1623 Dec 9Hopesay. Richard Awnsham.Robt. Howard, miles  
1677 Jan 16Hopesay. Ambrose Rock.John Rock, gen.Richard Avensham. Death.
1704 Dec 21Hopesay. Thomas Taylor. [1] Ambrose Rock.Death.
1716 Mar 2Hopesay. Robert Woodhouse, B.A.Mary Rock, widow.Thomas Tasker.Death.
1720 Sep 9Hopesay. Francis Rock, M.A. Mary Rock, widow.Robert Woodhouse. Cession.
1754 Feb 19Hopesay. Charles Tucker, B.A.Prudence Tucker, of Hereford, widow.Francis Rocke.Death.
1797 May 4Hopesay. Mathew Pilkington, M.A.Thomas Pilkington, of Bridgnorth.Charles Tucker.Death.
1804 Jun 20Hopesay. John Harding, M.A. Matthew Pilkington.Matthew Pilkington.Resignation.
1836 Sep 26Hopesay. Philip Birt Adams, B.A.Himself.John Harding.Death.
1878 Mar 17Hopesay. Jas. Richd. Brown, M.A.Edward James, earl of Powis.Philip Birt Adams.Death.
1882 Aug 30Hopesay. Richard Graham Maul, M.A.Edward James, earl of Powis.James Richd. Brown. Death.
1896 Jul 4Hopesay. Reg. Montgomerie Caulfield, B.A.George Charles. Earl of Pawls.Richard Graham Maul.Death.
1900 Feb 14Hopesay. Augustus Field, M.A. George Charles, earl of Powis.Reg. Montgomerie Caulfield.Resignation.
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