Hopton Cangeford

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1349 Feb 15Hopton Cangeford free chapel. Richard de Hodynton.Margaret, widow of John, lord of Hopton Cangynout.  
1358 Apr 4Hopton Cangeford (Cangenout) & Ledwick chapels. Richd. de Byrches, chaplain. [4] Margaret de Hoptone and Juliana de Ledewyk.  
1365 ?Hopton Cangeford (Cangefot) chapel.RRichard de la Mare.Margery de Hopton.Richard Birches.Exchange.
1392 Dec 3Cangeford (Hopton Cangeford). William Ofrynton.William de Eton and others.  
1394 Mar 11Hopton Cangeford. William Cachepoll, chapl.William Stote and others.  
1399 Apr 3Hopton Cangeford free chapel. William Lampery, chapl.The bishop.  
1399 Nov 3Hopton Cangeford. John Horewell,Wm. and Johanna Eton.  
1662 Apr 20Hopton (Cangeford). Richard Peake.Robert Wallopp.   
1774 Sep 29Hopton-in-the-Hole.CJohn Edwards.William Pearce Hall, of Downton, esq.   
1791 Dec 5Hopton Cangeford.CJohn Powell,Charles Pearce Hall.   
1818 Nov 18Hopton Cangeford.CJohn Morgan.Sir Charles William Rouse Boughton, bart.  
1822 Aug 28Hopton Cangeford.CJohn Walcot.Sir William Edward Rouse Boughton, bart.John Morgan. Death.
1835 Apr 23Hopton Cangeford.CBernard Churton, B.A.Sir W.E. Rouse Boughton, bart.John Walcot.Death.
1849 Sep 1Hopton Cangeford.CLancelot Dixon.Sir William Edward Rouse Boughton, bart.John Churton.Cession.
1862 Jun 20Hopton Cangeford.CGilbert Vyvyan Heathcote.Sir Charles Rouse-Boughton, bart.Launcelot Dixon.Death.
1865 Dec 19Hopton Cangeford.CClement Leigh Coldwell, M.A.Sir Charles Henry Rouse-Boughton, bart.Gilbert Vivyan Heathcote.Resignation.
1873 Jan 18Hopton Cangeford.VHen. Bernard Derham Marshall, M.A. Sir Charles Henry Rouse Boughton, bart.Clement Leigh Caldwell. Resignation.
1881 Jul 14Hopton Cangeford.VHenry Anderton.The queen, by lapse.Henry Bernard Derham Marshall. Cession.
1886 Mar 9Hopton Cangeford.CJoseph Downs Scott, Sir Charles Rouse Boughton, bart.Henry Anderton.Resignation.
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