Hopton Wafers

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1279 Apr 26Hopton Wafers. William de Bray.   
1297 Nov 15Hopton Wafers. Roger Dun, priest.Roger Mortimer.  
1329 Nov 12Hopton Wafers. Philip de la More, chaplain.The bishop, by lapse.  
1331 Jul 11Hopton Wafers.RHugh de Neenton, portionist of coll. ch. of St. Probus, Cornwall, Exeter d. Philip de la More, rector of Hopton Wafers.Exchange.
1349 Sep 18Hopton Wafers. John de Orleton, deacon.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1349 Nov 10Hopton Wafers. Elias Musard.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1362 Dec 10Hopton Wafers. Gilbert Aunger.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.Richd. de Birches.Resignation.
1390 Nov 22Hopton Wafers. Richard Bakere.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1391 Feb 5Hopton Wafers. John de Prowde.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1399 Oct 27Hopton Wafers. Richard Dodynton, rector of Abburton, Worcester dioc. William Cheney, rector of Hopton Wafers.Exchange.
1399 Jan 27Hopton Wafers. William Cheyney, rector of Bodington, Hereford dioc. John Prover, rector of Hopton Wafers.Exchange.
1404 Apr 16Hopton Wafer. John Hopton, chapl.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1413 Aug 15Hopton Wafer. John Berkley, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.John Adamps. [4a]Resignation.
1420 Sep 3Hopton Wafer.VJohn Beulegard, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.  
1421 Oct 13Hopton Wafers.RJohn Yonge, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wigmore.John Bolgard.Resignation.
1434 Jun 30Hopton Wafer. Walter Phelypes, chapl.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.  
1509 Sep 7Hopson Wafer. John Pounteney.Abbot and conv. of Wigmore.Wm. Sprot.Death.
1540 May 2Hopton Wafers. John Hey.The king.John Pownteney.Death.
1560 Jun 8Hopton Wafer. Edward Churchman. Humfrey Hyde, gen.   
1616 Jun 14Hopton Wafers. Lucas Whelar.Humfrey Hide, arm.   
1683 Jun 26Hopton Wafers. John Taylor.Charles Boughton, gen.John Wheeler.Death.
1691 Apr 14Hopton Wafer. Edward Boughton, B.A.Richard Hyde, gen.John Taylor.Resignation.
1739 Apr 10Hopton Wafers. John Hughes, B.A.Mary Hyde, spinster. Edward Boughton.Death.
1744 May 21Hopton Wafers. Robert Edwards.Mary Hide, spinster. Last incumbent.Death.
1783 Jul 23Hopton Wafers. Edwd. Whitehurst, B.A.Thomas Whitehurst, of Chirk, esq.Robert Edwards.Death.
1798 Mar 27Hopton Wafer. Nathaniel Cotton, M.A.Joseph Cotton. of Layton, Co. Essex.Edward Whitehurst.Death.
1806 Mar 24Hopton Wafer. Thomas Bowdler, B.A.Joseph Cotton, of Laytonstone, Co. Essex, esq.Nathaniel Cotton.Cession.
1820 May 23Hopton Wafer. Charles Walcott, B.A.Thomas Botfield, esq. Thos. Bowdler.Cession.
1834 May 7Hopton Wafer. Thomas Woodward, jun., B.A.Thos. Botfield, esq.Charles Walcott.Resignation.
1854 Nov 28Hopton Wafer. Alex. Woodward, M.A.Beriah Botfield, of Norton Hall, Co. Northampton, and of Decker Hill, Salop, esq. Thomas Woodward. Death.
1861 Oct 28Hopton Wafer. Samuel Woodward, B.A.Beriah Botfield, of Hopton Court. esq., M.P.Alex Woodward. Resignation.
1890 Sep 5Hopton Wafer. James Payton, B.A.Robert W Woodward, C.B., Capt. R.N.Samuel Woodward.Death.
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