Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1275 Feb 22Humber. John de Cava.Thomas Costentyn and his wife Joanna.  
1302 Jul 16Humber. Adam Carbonel, acol.Richard de Manus.  
1352 May 4Humber. Hugh de Wantham.Abbot and convent of Brecon.  
1359 Mar 7Humber. Philip ap Griffith, clerk.Abbot and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.John Walwyn.Resignation.
1364 Jul 26Humber. John de Stone of Tenbury.The bishop, by lapse.  
1390 Jun 18Humber. Robert de Wolvesdale.Prior and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.  
1395 May 28Humber. John Yrysche, vicar of Dorston, Hereford dioc.Prior and convent of S. John Ev., Brecon.Robert de Wolvesdale, rector of Humber.Exchange.
1395 Oct 4Humber. Michael Inge, vicar of Preston. John Pristitz, rector of Humber, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1416 Aug 5Humber. Master John Stonewey, rector of the portion of Kemenhale in Leigh (Lye).Prior and convent of Brecon.Michael Inge.Exchange.
1418 Jul 18Humber. Richd. Carpenter.Prior and conv of S. John the Ev., Brecon.Master John Stanewe.Resignation.
1419 Jul 13Humber. Philip Instyse, chap, Prior and convent of S. John's, Brecon.Richard Carpenter. [8]Resignation.
1424 Jan 24Humber. John Frensch, chapl.Prior and conv. of Brecon.Philip Justise. Resignation.
1429 Feb 27Humber. John Bromhall.Prior and conv. of Brecon.John Frensh.Resignation.
1431 Sep 28Humber. Richard Walley, chapl.Prior and conv. of Brecon.John John Brambull.Resignation.
1433 Apr 8Humber. Thos. Says, chapl.Prior and conv. of Brecon.Richard Walles.Resignation.
1465 Oct 7Humber. William Shilling.Prior and conv. of Brecon.Sir Henry.Death.
1481 Apr 25Humber. John Tannere.Prior and conv. of S. John's, Brecon.William Shilling.Resignation.
1516 Jun 23Humber. William Beke. [1]Prior and conv. of S. John Ev., Brecon.Thos. ap Richard.Resignation.
1537 Nov 12Humber. Thomas Caswald. John Caswald, of Stoke, in the parish of Leominster. [2]Wm. Bere.Death.
1548 Sep 5Humber. Richard Cornewall. The king.Thomas Caswall.Death.
1567 Feb 17Humber. John Baddam.The queen.  
1663 Apr 10Humber. John Wood.The king.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1665 Jan 5Humber. Oliver Hughes, M.A. The king.  
1672 Jan 17Humber. Richard Wotton.The king.Oliver Hughes.Death.
1696 May 28Humber. William Edwads, B.A.The king.Richard Wotton. Death.
1701 Jun 9Humber. James Johnson, M.A. The king.Last incumbent.Cession.
1703 Sep 17Humber. Timothy Millechamp. The queen.James Johnson.Cession.
1710 Oct 4Humber. John Braithwait, M.A.The queen.Timothy Millechamp.Cession.
1712 Jun 2Humber. John Chamberlain.The queen.John Brathwaite. Resignation.
1756 Mar 3Humber. James Hodgson.The king.John Chamberlain. Death.
1777 Nov 7Humber. James Hodgson, M.A.The king.James Hodgson.Resignation.
1788 May 18Humber. George Evans, M.A. The bishop.James Hodgson. Cession.
1819 Jan 16Humber. Francis Coleman.The king.George Evans. Cession.
1830 Mar 2Humber. William Horne.The king.Francis Coleman. Death.
1844 Dec 23Humber. Allan Cowburn, M.A.The queen.William Horne.Cession.
1854 Apr 15Humber. Octavius Goodrich, B.A.The queen.Allan Cowburn.Resignation.
1869 Jan 5Humber. Philip John Scudamore Stanhope, M.A.George Arkwright, clerk, and John Hungerford Arkwright, esq. Octavius Pitt Goodrich.Death.
1882 Jul 31Humber. Harry Vivian Bacon, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright, esq.Philip Scudamore Stanhope. Death.
1887 Jul 14Humber. Chas. Robt. Arthur Grant, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright, esq.Harry Vivian Bacon.Cession.
1897 Dec 22Humber. Rohl Lorimer, Rome, M.A.John Hungerford Arkwright, esq.Charles Arthur Grant.Death.
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