Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1313 Nov 26Hunderton.PRobert de Icklesham, priest.The bishop.Gilbert de Segrave.Preferment.
1322 Aug 19Hunderton.PWalter Karles, priest. [2]The bishop. Death.
1356 Nov 16Hunderton.PRichd de Shipton, archdeacon of Salop.The bishop.  
1363 Dec 24Hunderton.PRoger de Otery. The bishop.Nicholas Hethe. Resignation.
1412 Sep 23Hunderton.PJohn Wallewayn, clerk.The bishop.Henry Buytone.Death.
1423 Nov 13Hunderton.PWm. Lyndwode.The bishop.  
1442 Sep 4Hunderton.PAndrew Holes. [2]The bishop.Wm. Linwode.Promotion to see of S. David's.
1446 Apr 9Hunderton.PRobt. Tarry. B.C.L.The bishop.Andrew Holes.Resignation.
1472 Apr 9Hunderton.PRichd. Jackessone, in decret. bac.The bishop.Robert Tarry.Resignation.
1479 Sep 23Hunderton.PRobt. Asshecombe, clerk.The bishop.Richard Jaquessone.Resignation.
1528 Apr 14Hunderton.PWilliam Edwardis. [5] The bishop. [6]Robert Asshecombe. Death.
1538 Jan 29Hunderton.PHugh Coren, legum doc. [4]The bishop, from his London residence.Wm. Edwards.Death.
1682 Nov 18Hunderton.PThomas Fox, M.A. The bishop.   
1682 Mar 2Hunderton.PSimon Jones, M.A.The bishop.John Newell.Death.
1723 Mar 22Hunderton.PJohn Fox. M.D.The bishop.Thomas Fox.Resignation.
1728 Aug 8Hunderton.PJames Lane, M.A.The bishop.John Fox, M.D. Death.
1730 Jun 17Hunderton.PWilliam Lane, M.A. The bishop.James Lane. Death.
1752 Jul 7Hunderton.PThomas Russell, M.A.The bishop.William Lane.Death.
1785 Jan 26Hunderton.PGeorge Cope, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Russell, D.D.Death.
1821 Sep 13Hunderton.PJames Wetherell, LL.B.The bishop.George Cope.Death.
1857 Sep 11Hunderton.PHubert McLaughlin, M.A.The bishop.James Wetherell.Death.
1883 Jan 27Hunderton.PThomas West, M.A. The bishop.Hubert McLaughlin.Death.
1897 Apr 22Hunderton.PHenry Askwith, M.A.The bishop.Thomas West.Death.
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