Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1313 Jul 3Kingston. John Walwayn, priest.Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Essex and Hereford.  
1616 Jul 6Kingstone.VJohn Siddall.The dean and chapter of Hereford.  
1709 Jun 14Kingstone.VZacharias Whiting.John, bishop of Llandaff, and dean of Hereford.Christopher Whiting. Death.
1742 May 13Kingston.VJames Hodgson.Dean of Hereford ("in right of his deanery ").Zacharias Whiting. Death.
1744 Apr 19Kingston.VRichard Vaughan, B.A.Dean of Hereford ("in right of his deanery")Last incumbent.Death.
1858 Mar 2Kingstone and Thruxton. Edward Jacson, B.A. The bishop.Henry Wetherell.Death.
1870 Sep 26Kingstone with Thruxton. Thos. Thistlethwaite Smith.The bishop.Edward Jacson.Death.
1885 Apr 7Kingstone with Thruxton.VReginald Hereford Bird, M.A.The bishop.Thomas Thistlethwaite Smith.Resignation.
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