Kyre Wyard

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1310 Nov 8Cureward (Kyre Wyard). Walter de Pembridge.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1314 Aug 28Kyre Wyard. John Hakelute.The bishop. [1]  
1316 Oct 20Kyre Wyard. Richard Voyst, of Little Hereford, priest.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1335 Jan 26Kyre Wyard. Robert de Frome. Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1335 Jan 26Kyre Wyard. Robert of Frome, clerk.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1336 Jan 26Kyre Wyard. Robert de Frome.Abbot and convent of Lyre.  
1353 Sep 1Kyre (Cure) Wyard. Richard de Wodemantone. [1]The king (Lyre abbey).  
1381 Dec 17Kyre Wyard.RWalter Webb, vicar of the prebendal church of Barton.The king.Richard Wodmantone, rector of Kyre Wyard.Exchange.
1382 Jul 21Kyre Wyard.VJohn Symound, parson of Northstoke.The king (Lyre abbey).Walter Webbe, vicar.Exchange.
1384 Sep 21Kyre Wyard.RWilliam More, vicar of South Leverton.The king (Lyre abbey).John Symound, rector of Kyre Wyard.Exchange.
1385 Feb 7Kyre Wyard.RHugh de Thornham, vicar of Broxbourne.The king (Lyre abbey).William More, rector of Kyre Wyard.Exchange.
1387 May 4Kyre Wyard. Thomas the Best, chaplain.The king (priory of Livers Ocle).  
1390 Feb 11Kyre Wyard. William White, vicar of Glynde, Canterbury dioc.The Crown (Lyre abbey).William Algode, rector of Kyre Wyard.Exchange.
1390 Feb 23Kyre Wyard.RWilliam Whyte.The Crown (Lyre abbey).  
1394 Jun 10Kyre Wyard. Wm. Boure, chapl.The Crown (Lyre abbey).Hugh Pontesbury. Resignation.
1394 Jan 13Kyre Wyard. Hugh Pontesbury.The Crown.  
1399 May 24Kyre Wyard. Roger Rees, chapl.The Crown.  
1409 Nov 24Kyre Wyard. John Comber, vicar of Stone by Chattesley Corbet.The king.Roger Rees.Exchange.
1418 May 19Kyre Wyard (Curewyard). Walter Bryn, chap. The king.  
1421 Jan 23Kyre Wyard. John Cockes, chaplain.The bishop, by lapse.Walter Broun.Resignation.
1444 Nov 24Kyre. John Grene.Sir Hugh Mortimer.  
1526 Dec 20Kure Wyard. Robert Croke.Sir Wm.Compton, eques auratus.John Wodde. [1]Resignation.
1580 Jul 7Kyre Wyard. William Brunelde.Ed. Pitte, arm.  
1617 May 2Kyre Wyard. Rob. Ovington, M.A. Ed. Pit, miles.  
1693 Nov 17Kyre Wyard. Richard Walker, M.A.Samuel Pitts, arm.Henry Thomas.Death.
1704 Nov 18Kyre Wyard. John Rodd, M.A.Samuel Pytts, arm.Richard Barker. Cession.
1746 Dec 23Kyre Wyard. Humphrey Butler, B.A.Edmund Pytts, esq.John Rodd.Death.
1759 Aug 31Kyre Wyard. William Hudson.Edmund Pytts, esq.Humph. Butler.Death.
1761 Feb 24Kyre Wyard. Matthew Clarke, B.A.Edmund Pytts, esq. William Hudson.Resignation.
1776 Jun 10Kyre Wyard. Francis Severne, B.A.Edmund Pytts, esq.Matthew Clerk.Death.
1828 Mar 5Kyre Wyard. Francis Severne, B.C.L. Annabella Pytts, widow.Francis Severne.Death.
1865 Nov 9Kyre. Henry Kemp, M.A.Will. Lacon Childe, esq.Francis Severne.Death.
1892 Jan 28Kyre Wyard. Edw. Geo. Baldwyn Childe, M.A.Himself.Henry Kemp.Resignation.
1898 Aug 9Kyre Wyard. Herbt. John Martin.Frances Christina Baldwyn Childe, widow.Edward Baldwyn Childe.Death.
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