Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1780 Feb 19Lingen.CEvan Morgan.Thomas Clark and John Wynn, of Hereford, gents., lessees of the impropriate tithes. Humph. Griffiths. Death.
1798 Jan 27Lingen.CDavid Griffiths, LL.D.Thos. Luntley, clerk, Evan Morgan.Death.
1804 Apr 28Lingen.CThos. Wynn, B.A.Himself, as lessee of the impropriated tithes.David Griffiths.Resignation.
1831 Nov 18Lingen.CWilliam Jones.Thos. Wynne, clerk.   
1845 Jan 11Lingen.CWill. Robson ArrowSmith, B.A.The bishop.  
1860 Jan 6Lingen.CCornelius Hart, M.A. The bishop.William Robson Arrowsmith.Cession.
1870 Dec 13Lingen.VChas. Hen. Middleton, B.A.The bishop.Cornelius Hart.Resignation.
1874 Mar 20Lingen.VLeonidas Clint, M.A.The bishop.Chas. Hen. Middleton.Resignation.
1893 Dec 5Lingen.VCharles Leonard Edwards, B.A.The bishop.Leonidas Clint.Resignation.
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