Little Birch

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1349 Jul 8Little Birch (Byrches sancte Marie). Stephen de Castello.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.Sir Richard.Death.
1571 Jan 12Little Birch. John Yonger.Hugh Parry, of Aconbury.   
1664 Sep 8Little Birch. William HallowesWill. Powell, baronet.  
1692 Nov 7Little Birch. John Finch.James, lord Chandos.William Mallowes. Death.
1706 Sep 27Little Birch. Richard Traharne, B.C.L.Jas. Chandos, baron of Shudely.John Finch.Death.
1731 Aug 2Little Birch. Thomas Willim, M.A.James, duke of Chandos. Richard Trahern.Death.
1750 Dec 28Little Birch. Richard Reece, B.A. Governors of Guy's Hospital. Thomas Willim. Death.
1756 Dec 1Little Birch. Richard Reece.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Richard Reece. Death.
1767 Nov 20Little Birch. Richard Gomond, B.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Richard Reece.Death.
1775 May 27Little Birch. William Whitmore.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Richard Gomond Death.
1792 Nov 17Little Birch. Hen. William Barry, LL.B. Govenors of Guy's Hospital. William Whitmore. Death.
1810 Feb 23Little Birch. Richd. Lucas, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital.Henry William Barry.Death.
1833 Aug 7Little Birch. William Pepperrell Hutton. Governors of Guy's Hospital. Richard Lucas.Resignation.
1835 Mar 23Little Birch. Thomas Phillips, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital.Will. Pepperell Hutton.Resignation.
1838 Sep 29Little Birch. Henry Hampton.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Thomas Phillipps.Resignation.
1850 Jun 23Little Birch. Will. Henry Joyce, B.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. Henry Hampton.Cession.
1851 Jan 23Little Birch. Vernon Geo. Guise, M.A.Governors of Guy's Hospital. William Henry Joyce.Resignation.
1852 Jan 1Little Birch. Richd. Gorges Foot, B.A.John Samuel Swire and Maria Louisa Swire, of Liverpool. Vernon George Guise. Cession.
1855 Jan 6Little Birch. Stephen Thackwell, M.A.Himself.Richard Gorges Foot.Resignation.
1883 Oct 19Little Birch. Hen. Phelps Marriott Doddington, B.A.John Cam Thackwell, of Dymock, esq. [2]Stephen Thackwell.Death.
1890 Dec 12Little Birch. Walter Fitzwarine Smith.Hen. Phelps Marriott Dodington, clerk.Henry Phelps Marriott Dodington. Cession.
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