Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1279 Feb 17Llandinabo. Robert Corbet.Cecilia de Bereford.  
1314 Oct 16Llandinabo. John de la Minede, priest.Dame Agnes Beresford.  
1349 Oct 17Llandinabo. Adam Rok, of Caple.John de Kylfode, lord of Llandinabou.  
1385 Jan 11Llandinabo. John Robard, chaplain.William Cook and Thos. Cook, lords of Llandinabo.  
1390 Oct 28Llandinabo. David fitz-Walter, rector of Stoke Lacy.Wm. and Thos. Coke.John Alfodys, rector of Llandinabo, Hereford dioc.Exchange.
1391 Apr 14Llandinabo. Thomas Bayly.William Coke.  
1391 Jun 17Llandinabo. Rees ap Philip.Thomas Cocks.  
1417 Sep 25Llandinabo. Richard Harper.Thomas Cok, lord of Llandinabo.Richard Orcop.Death.
1530 Oct 29Llandinabo. John Shoughe.John Cockis, generosus.William Madoc.Death.
1569 Jun 15Llandinabo. Philip Kethero, scolaris. [2]Richard Cockes, of Kiltodes, gen.  
1616 Sep 21Llandinabo. Elias Tomkyns.Thom. Bickley, arm.   
1662 Apr 20Llandinabo. Richard Carlesse.Will. Androsse, gen.  
1675 Jul 2Llandinabo. Ed. Mors.Philip Andrews, gen.Richard Carlesse.Death.
1691 Apr 25Llandinabo. Mathew Chamberlaine.Thomas Rogers, gen. Edward Morse.Deprivation.
1701 Apr 5Llandinabo. Ralph Wilson.The king.Last incumbent.Cession.
1733 Nov 28Llandinabo. Richard Hopkins, B.A.Thomas Rogers, gent. Last incumbent.Resignation.
1737 Jun 11Llandinabo. William Willim, M.A.Thomas Rogers, gent. Last incumbent.Death.
1741 Feb 14Llandinabo. Christopher Hoskyns, B.A.Thomas Rogers, gent. Last incumbent.Resignation.
1768 Nov 8Llandinabo. John Hoskins, B.A.Chris. Hoskyns, of Longhope, clerk.Last incumbent.Resignation.
1827 Apr 2Llandinabo. John Weston Phillips.Kedgewin Hoskyns, esq.John Hoskins.Death.
1838 Nov 28Llandinabo. Thomas Beavan.Kedgwin Hoskins, of Much Birch, esq.John Weston Phillipps.Death.
1868 Oct 10Llandinabo. John Raven, M.A.Chandos Wren Hoskyns, esq.Thomas Beavan.Death.
1869 Jul 2Llandinabo. Hen. Edw. Hodson, B.A.Chandos Wren Hoskyns, esq., M.P.John Raven.Resignation.
1870 Sep 19Llandinabo. Francis Alexander Randall Cramer Roberts, M.A.Chandos Wren Hoskyns, esq., M.P.Henry Edwd. Hodson. Resignation.
1872 Jun 14Llandinabo. Henry Lloyd Oswell, M.A.Chandos Wren Hoskyns, esq., M.P.Francis Alex. Randall Cramer Roberts.Resignation.
1889 Jun 27Llandinabo. Will. Heber Wright, M.A.Samuel Courthope Bosanquet, esq., and others.Henry Lloyd Oswell, Resignation.
1893 May 13Llandinabo. Reuben Evans.Samuel Courthorpe Bosanquet, esq., and others.William Heber Wright. Cession.
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