Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1287 Sep 25Lyonshall. John de Pyon.Abbot and convent of Wormesley.  
1328 Apr 14Lyonshall (Leonhales). John Wodekot.Abbot and convent of Wormesley.  
1349 Nov 3Lyonshall (Leonhales). Richard de Kilmescote.Abbot and convent of Wormesley.  
1350 Jan 12Lyonshall.VThos. le Carpenter of Pembridge.Abbot and convent of Wormesley.Richd. de Kilmescote.Resignation.
1384 Mar 11Lyonshall.VJohn Paunteley, chaplain.Abbot and convent of Wormesley.  
1411 Sep 14Lyonshall.VJohn Pyry, chaplain of the chantry of S. John the Baptist in S. Peter, Hereford.Prior and convent of Wormesley.Nicholas Trilley.Exchange.
1417 Oct 17Lyonshall (Leonhales and Linnales). John Elye, rector of Dyndor (Duynor).The prior and convent of Wormsley.John Pery, vicar of Lyonshall (Leonhales and Linnales).Exchange.
1418 Oct 6Lyonshall (Lenhale). John WalkerPrior and convent of Wormesley.John Ely. [2]Resignation.
1460 Jun 10Lyonshall (Leonhalys).VHenry Wrytere.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.John Walkere.Death.
1460 Oct 3Lyonshall (Leonhalis).VThom. ap John, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Henry Writere.Resignation.
1479 Oct 30Lyonshall (Leonhales).VJohn Morgannok.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Thos. Tanner.Death.
1479 Feb 3Lyonshall (Lynehalis).VThomas Tannere, chapl.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Thos. Llan.Death.
1505 Nov 21Lyonshall (Lenehalis).VHugh Deyos.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Matthew Wever.Death.
1520 Feb 19Lyonshall (Leonhales).VRobert Worall.James Worall, of Leominster. [4]Hugh Dayos. Death.
1533 Oct 18Lyonshall.VRichard Rawlyns.Prior and conv. of Wormesley.Robert Worall. [1]Resignation.
1555 Jan 20Lyonshall. John Roode.Philip and Mary, king and queen of England.   
1563 Apr 14Lyonshall. John Shawe.The bishop.  
1577 Jul 8Lyonshall.VCharles Tomlyn.The bishop, by lapse.   
1661 Apr 1Lyonshall.VStephen Scaundrett. The bishop.  
1672 Jan 22Lyonshall.VAndrew Davids.The bishop.Stephen Scaundrett.Death.
1681 Jan 25Lyonshall.VThomas Prothero, B.A.The bishop.Andrew Davis.Death.
1737 May 31Lyonshall.VBenjamin Badham.The bishop.Last incumbent.Death.
1742 Aug 10Lyonshall.VJohn Allen, B.A.The bishop.Benj. Badham.Death.
1778 Mar 31Lyonshall.VThomas Allen.The bishop.John Allen. Death.
1779 Aug 20Lyonshall.VHenry Williams, B.A.The bishop.Thomas Allen.Resignation.
1784 Feb 26Lyonshall.VGeorge Cope, M.A. The bishop.Harry Williams.Cession.
1785 Feb 5Lyonshall.VJohn Ellis Troughton.The bishop.George Cope.Resignation.
1790 May 7Lyonshall.VRoger Powell.The bishop.John Ellis Troughton. Cession.
1816 Mar 6Lyonshall.VJames Wetherell, LL.B.The bishop.Roger Powell.Death.
1823 Apr 9Lyonshall.VHen. Scawen Plumtree, M.A.The bishop.James Wetherell. Resignation.
1826 Apr 7Lyonshall.VJohn Randall, B.A. The bishop.Henry Scawen Plumtree. Resignation.
1859 Aug 31Lyonshall.VThomas Bowen.Bishop of Worcester.John Randall.Death.
1866 Apr 23Lyonshall.VChas. Edwd. Maddison Green, B.A.Bishop of Worcester.Thomas Bowen.Death.
1891 Nov 24Lyonshall.VHen. Chas. Milward, M.A.Bishop of Worcester. Charles Edw. Maddison Green.Cession.
1897 May 8Lyonshall.VFrancis Barry Langford Blagrave Drew, B.A.Bishop of Worcester. Henry Chas. Milward. Death.
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