Mansel Lacy

Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1290 Dec 22Mansel Lacy. William de Folevile, subd.Sir Peter de Genville.  
1331 Nov 8Mansel Lacy. (Malmeshulle).VStephen de Eggisworth.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.   
1359 Feb 13Mansel (Mamshulle) Lacy.VRoger de Morcote.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.Wm. de Stockton.Death.
1385 Apr 23Mansel Lacy (Malmeshulle). John Hunte, chaplain.Joanna de Ledebury, prioress of Aconbury.Roger Morcote. Death.
1394 May 30Mansel Lacy.VRoger Hyschecokes, chapl.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.John Hunte.Resignation.
1422 Jan 24Mansel Lacy.VJohn Herbard.Prioress and convent of Aconbury.Roger Hykeles.Death.
1437 Aug 8Mansel Lacy. Rd. Pypabbudure, chapl.Prior and conv. of Aconbury.John Harper.Death.
1463 Jul 13Mansel Lacy (Mansehille).VRichard Michel, chapl.Prioress and conv. of Aconbury.Richd. Pepandre.Death.
1510 Dec 13Mansel Lacy (Mawnshill).VEdmund Farley.Prioress and conv. of Aconbury.Wm. Mille.Resignation.
1573 Sep 5Mansel Lacy.VHenry Meyryck.Thomas Smythe, of Credenhill.  
1675 May 31Mansel Lacy.VJohn Harries.Robert Rodd, arm.Jervase Smith.Death.
1711 Dec 28Mansel Lacy alias Much Mancell.VRobert Kyffin, M.A. Robert Price, baron of the exchequer.John Harris. Death.
1719 Dec 7Mansel Lacy.VThomas Payne, M.A. Robert Kyffin.Cession.
1744 Jul 27Mansel Lacy.VUvedale Kyffin, M.A.Uvedale Price, esq.Last incumbent.Death.
1754 Jan 5Mansel Lacy.VJames Allen, B.A.Robert Price, of Foxley, esq.Uvedale Kyffin.Cession.
1758 Aug 19Mansel Lacy.VJames Allen, M.A.Robert Price, of Foxley, esq.Jas. Allen the elder. Resignation.
1808 Dec 3Mansel Lacy.VJohn Cam, M.A.Uvedale Price, of Foxley, esq.James Allen.Death.
1814 May 12Mansel Lacy.VJohn Duncan, M.A. Uvedale Price, of Foxley, esq.John Cam.Death.
1840 Feb 17Mansel Lacy.VRichard Lane Freer, B.D.Sir Robert Price, of Foxley, bart.John Duncumb.Death.
1853 Aug 16Mansel Lacy.VRowland Hill, B.A.Sir Robert Price, bart.Richard Lane Freer.Resignation.
1890 Jun 9Mansel Lacy.V Geo. Horatio Davenport, M.A.Himself.Rowland Hill.Death.
1893 May 18Mansel Lacy.VMontague Earle Welby, M.A.Geo. Horatio Davenport, clerk.George Horatio Davenport.Resignation.
1894 Jan 20Mansel Lacy with Yazor.VHenry Cockayne, M.A.Geo. Horatio Davenport, clerk,Montagu Earle Welby.Cession.
1897 Dec 23Mansel Lacy and Yazor.VGerald Owen Kildare O'Neill, M.A.Geo. Horatio Davenport, clerk.Henry Cockayne. Resignation.
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