Date Benefice   Presentee Patron Previously Cause
1778 Mar 28Marston chapel in the parish of Pencombe.CJohn Glasse.Himself, as rector of Pencombe.James Hodgson. Death.
1797 Aug 5Marston "in the parish of Pencombe".CJohn Glasse, Jun. John Glasse, M.A., as rector of Pencombe.John Glasse.Cession.
1825 Apr 5Marstow and Pencoyd.CGeorge Coke, M.A.Francis Coke, clerk.John Weddall Parsons. Death.
1831 May 14Pencoyd with Marstow.CWilliam Coke.Francis Coke, clerk.Geo. Coke. Resignation.
1832 Jan 13Marston (Stannett).CHenry Barry Domvile, M.A.Himself.John Glasse.Death.
1832 Mar 17Marston.CWalter McGwire, B.A.Henry Barry Domvile, clerk.Hen. Barry Domvile.Resignation.
1833 Dec 23Marston. Joseph Dudley, B.A. Henry Barry Domvile, rector of Pencombe.Walter McGwire. Resignation.
1839 Jul 30Marstow.CCharles Compton Domville, B.A.Henry Barry Domvile.Joseph Dudley.Resignation.
1857 Mar 27Marston Stannett.CWilliam Thomas Harte.The queen, by lapse.Charles Compton DomVille.Resignation.
1860 May 15Marston Stannett.CHenry Cooper, B.A. Thos. King, as rector of Pencombe.William Thomas Harte.Resignation.
1882 Nov 24Marstow with Pencoyd.CWilliam Holt Beever, M.A.William Henry Ley, as vicar of Sellack.William Coke. Resignation.
1883 Sep 1Marston Stannett.CRobert Burroughs, M.A.Himself, as rector of Pencombe.Henry Cooper. Cession.
1888 Jan 19Marstow with Pencoyd.CWill. Shuttleworth Clarke, M.A.Augustin Ley, as vicar of Sellack.William Holt Beever. Death.
1890 Jun 30Marston Stannett.CJas. Hiley Lambert, M.A.Himself, as rector of Pencombe.Robert Burroughes.Death.
1896 May 13Marston Stannett.CRicbd. John Livingstone, M.A.Himself. as rector of Pencombe.James Hiley Lambert.Resignation.
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